by Badassdrones Jan 7, 2018
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what kind of motors should i use???

Have a look at http://www.boldclash.com/tiny-whoov-super-power-kit-p179.html

A bargain price for the setup; great kit!

Thanks to jhitesma's daughter now we know it can fly !! check her video :

Can you please share the files for printing. I downloaded the zip file but it doesn't seem that I can open any of them in Cura. Can you please share at .stl files.

Alex, I just made my second Tiny Whoov using the guts of an E010. Good news is that no motor order swapping was required! I will post another "Make" soon. Just wanted to thank you for the great plans!!

Waaa it looks great !!!

Nice hovercraft !
Did you modify the firmware ?

Actually, you don't need to modify anything as long as you place the motors like I did (front motors for lift and back motors for thrust/direction) and don't mind driving with rudder stick. Don't need radio programing neither, but you could to make it "whoov" even better ;)

I'm editing this comment because I don't want to add to the confusion about the motors.
I built one of these with an E010. MOTOR ORDER IS NORMAL. (The rear motors of the quad are the rear motors of the Whoov. The rear motors are just reoriented to face forward instead of up.) Alex (B A D) says it correctly in his build video.

Anyway, that's what works for me with an E010. Great design, you should definitely build one!

I've removed what I said before in this comment to avoid further confusion.

ahh so sorry I made a mistake in this comment (and I've just corrected it) ! you're totally right, the right order is the "normal order" :

and by the way, I'm the alex of the video ;)

Sorry if it's unclear, I'm a bit overhelmed by the actual crazyness about this projetct ;)

to recap :
you don't need to program or to solder or to modify anything on your inductrix system. In the video, I even used the most basic spektrum radio controler to pilot it (no expo, no mix etc..).

Still I'm sure that you can really improve the performance and your experience by programing the board and radio especially for this use (eg : coupling the 2 motors that control lift and mix it with the thrust, assigning thrust motors to the aileron stick, adding some expo etc...)

Hope I answered your questions ;)

Would love to see this made into something printable, great idea, will be keeping an eye on this one :)

I’ve uploaded a 3D printable version !

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