Pliers - Self Opening

by ShawnGano Jan 7, 2018
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I printed the A model and Cura didn't want to add suports to the male part.
It still turned out great!

That is interesting; I just assumed it needed supports based on the geometry and never tried it without. Thanks for sharing your results!

Can you add a fillet to the sharp angle on the handle.

I have another idea for you but I don't know if it's possible to do. Make the top & bottom layers out of flexible filament so that it has a non slip feel, and use nylon, PLA, ABS or another material in the center for strength. I don't know how well flexible filament will stick to another material if it will even stick at all.

A while ago I designed a corner piece for a product we produce at work. This piece was needed to place the product vertically in an oven at 65°C and it consisted of both flexible filament and ABS. Long story short, it turned out that the flexible filament (I think it was TPU but I am not sure) stuck very well to ABS. I had a couple of misprints (read samples) and I could not tear the flexible filament off from ABS. It was however possible to tear it off from PLA so I would use ABS. I don't know about nylon.

That's interesting!! Thanks for sharing those results.

Today at work I found the corner piece samples I was talking about! The flexible material is PolyFlex which is indeed TPU. The blue ABS was made by Innofil (nothing special). I have attached two photos to this message which shows the print. One print is finished and one I had to stop for some reason. As you can see on the unfinished one I used holes to make the materials even bond better. I have tried peeling the TPU from the ABS and the corner I have managed to tear lose took a lot of force.

Cool! That seems like it would be a very useful multi-material combination. It is also interesting that they bonded so well together. Thanks again for sharing and for the pictures!

Yeah that does sound like another interesting experiment and I also wonder if the two different materials would stick together or not.

The multicolored pliers look great! I saw multicolored spools of filament on Amazon. It might be worth looking into. Matter Hacker's website shows a special filament called Nylon X which is supposed to be extra durable. I haven't tried it but they have video clips with comparisons of other filaments to show how it stands up to being pulled apart.

Thanks and interesting ideas! I have wanted to try out printing Nylon so that might be a good material to try.

any chance of a version where the receiving hole has a little more space? even my PLA ones take some doing to get together and my 50% scale resin print failed (snapped into bits when I tried to force them together) tolerances too tight :-)

I will add that to my todo list; how much extra space do you think would be helpful? 0.25mm or more?

I honestly don't know even the full-scale ones were tight and I had to shave the plastic to make it work so let's try .250 see what happens

I tried this and had an arm snap right next to the joint. I'll try with a higher percentage infill, and maybe try thickening the model at the point of failure. More post processing would probably have helped as well.

You are right that definitely is the weak point in the design. How large of an item were you holding in the jaws when it snapped? Also what material did you print them in? Thanks for the feedback!

You could try the trick Prusa uses and put a series/stack of thin walls in an internal area to force that area to be 100% infill

That is a cool trick! Thanks for the idea.

Tray to make on with a curved and pointier nose, I love using those to remove supports.

What filament is that you used? The gray one with dots

The gray filament is called "Vertigo Grey" and is made by Fillamentum. It is on the pricey side and sometimes hard to get so I use it sparingly; but it looks great and it hides the layer lines quite well.

I like the look produced by changing the filament color midway through the print, and I like the look of that gritty black filament a lot. What is it? Thanks.

Thanks! I was quite happy how that stripe turned out too; especially after all my test prints were solid bright colors :) The gray filament is called "Vertigo Grey" and is made by Fillamentum. It is pricey so I use it sparingly but it looks great and it hides the layer lines quite well.

Hi ShawnGano, I used to remove excessive filament from nozzles with piers too.

But I am afraid that piers made up of PLA or even PETG cannot stand the temperature of the heated up nozzle.

Does it serve your purpose? Have you tried nylon or polycarbon or other really high temp resistant materials?

Hey Aravon - You are right the PLA versions definitely get melted and sometimes stick together if I don't clean the nozzle fast enough. But if I am quick the heat is dissipated fast enough and they work decently then. I am experimenting with a few other materials now to see if they will fare better (PETG, annealed high temp PLA). I have not done any printing with nylon or polycarbonate at all yet -- but want to try that sometime!

Hey Love your designs, keep em coming ;)

Thank you! Will do!