Cable Slitter

by Old-Steve Jan 8, 2018
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The thread stuff on the inside is exactly for this reason.

I am working on a revision.
To everybody who has downloaded this thing so far, thank you, but check back here in a week or two for a better version.
This one kind of works but there is lots of room for improvement.

Great work but needs a guide on the front of it that stops it going down too far and cutting into the insulation on the wires inside, maybe change the slot holding the blade to cove the majority of the blade and only leave 1mm out the bottom for the blade to cut the outer wire cover..

but then it would only slit open one thickness of wire jacket.
I thought I could accomplish exactly that by altering the pressure applied but yes, it cuts too deep.
I think I'm going to try and make this adjustable for depth. I used to have one but I lost it. It worked great but it used a tiny little blade.
I wanted to make one using readily available single edge blades.
But you're right it does need something there. I may have posted this prematurely but there aren't any slitters here and I wanted to get at least one out there. I'm working on it. Thanks for your suggestion.

Nahh, good to get things up so you can get some feedback for the design & prototyping mate.

Just make a set of "U" clips to go over the top and clips under where the blade goes in, then just make different lengths of plastic that goes past the "clip" point that will set how far you can put the blade down.

I noticed that this is getting a lot of hits.
I am not perfectly happy with this thing yet and it might become a work in progress.
When I pull a cable through the cable will twist and the blade will walk off to one side. Sometimes.
My first design was a round hole, then I went to this design with a V slot.
I am working on it, but I have to go out of town so the revision probably won't happen for another week or two.
If anybody has any helpful hints, I'm all ears! Flame away!