Credit Card Action Figure

by mygadgetlife Jan 9, 2018
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I have not been able to get the feet to print and socket into their part at all, no clue what to try next. I've lowered walls from 1.2 to 0.8, re-leveled my bed, everything is still a tight fit but the feet are impossible. Any suggestions on what slicer settings to change? Outside of downloading and scaling up just the feet, no clue what to do...


Yes the feet can be tricky. I noticed on my last batch the same issue, although earlier prints were fine, some even loose and requiring a touch of super glue.

I might suggest reducing the extruder flow to 90%, maybe slowing the overall print speed - layer height should not affect this.

If that doesn’t work, a small amount of filing to get the pegs to fit may all be that is required.

Good luck (and thanks for trying my model!)

A very good model. All the slots match up perfectly. Easy to assemble, all the parts are well kept and moving.

Thanks for the comments!

lo he hecho en pequeñito, pero lo tengo que hacer a los bestia, jejeje.

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I have done it in tiny, but I have to do to the beast, hehehe.

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Nice idea, my first print is hard to assemble, pieces too thick and/or slots too small, any tips?

I printed at 300% size and of course the plastic wouldn't 'bend' at all to fit the joints. Using my hands was torture - so I pulled out the hammer and just hammered the pieces into their slots. Just make sure you have the sliding slots lined up properly and they hammered/clicked in easily and perfectly (they can't be too loose or the figure won't hold the position).

Nice model. For my own use I think I'd remove the outer border/frame of the collection to save time and material and maybe take out the connecting links - they are quite thick when printed larger.

Great model though. Once my kids saw one sitting on the printer top they all wanted one of their own color.

Hi. So I uploaded a frameless version, as well as the individual parts. No changes to the model to account for larger scales and stiffness of the material - that's what mallets are for! Enjoy!

Awesome - I never thought someone would scale him up! You are right about the flex of the material - I had to add the slots to the neck area of the body because the neck joint was really hard to fit without them. I have been considering a frameless/sprueless version - I guess I have held back because in my own experience, initially at least, I had real problems getting my PLA to stick to the bed. But I'm on top of that now so I'm open to the idea. Watch this space!

Hi, thanks for trying out my thing!

Make sure you align the clips with the indents on the pivots, then push and 'wiggle' the part on. It should snap on securely.

Good luck!

This is really creative, I love the concept!