Anycubic I3 Mega quiet !

by Baroudeur Jan 9, 2018
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hey everybody,
I installed the mod today, and somehow it seems like the fan isn't turning on somehow. This confused me so I checked the fan itself and it is working fine. Does anyone know what triggers the fan to start and what could therefore be going wrong here?

im having the same issue so lets hope one of us finds a solution

Okay, I think I "solved" it, as in the problem is no more. As a test I started running a print, and the fan does turn on. Very, VERY, rarely so, and when it does then only for a few seconds, but it does turn on and is functioning. I do not know why it turns on so much more rarely than the original fan, but it is working. When it turns on it is also hardly detectable by sound, you just don't hear it. You can feel it however when you hold your hand to the left side of the printer where the voltage switch is. When the fan turns on, warm air will suddenly start to vent out of the side. Maybe ist simply due to the higher efficiency of the fan. I don't know.

Hi, I would like to use this cover with a 80mm fan; has anyone made the stl yet? If not can I have the STEP please :) thanks.

has the model been discontinued by Scythe? does anybody know?

It's still listed on their website, but I'm as well having trouble to find the 1000rpm version in german / eu stores.
There's one store that lists it to be available in February 2019....

HI. Going to print the case. I saw some had problems with the height of the capacitors.
Wouldn't it be nice to know the size they could have for the normal print and when I have to switch to the opposite capacitors version? Printing the case to see it doesn't fit its kind of wasting time and material. Isn't it?

You can expect 41,5 mm (1,63 inch) for the capacitors. The case cant be taller to be perfectly inserted into the machine.

Comments deleted.

Hi. I received my printer and Scythe 100x10mm a week ago. Printed the "opposite capacitors"-version, however, the spool + another component on the PSU board makes it impossible to fit the Scythe fan. Even a "halfway through" mounting either makes the fan hit the components, or makes it impossible to mount the bottom plate of the printer afterwards. I now use the Scythe as a replacement to the motherboard fan instead.

Anyone with the same issue?
Can I use a silent 60x15mm in the original case instead, or are they not powerful enough?

hello, thanks for the housing.

what I do not understand exactly, which of the many housing I need exactly now?

Is it simply different versions? Thank you for a short answer.


Hail Joel
No all these have just different look. The only one different is the Opposite Capacitor in case capacitors are too tall.

Good morning, thank you for your answer.

unfortunately I do not quite understand that.

I ordered a fan for the mainboard with 100x100x12mm.

the instructions say that you should print the case of you.

what parts do i have to print from this project so that i can install the new fan?

Can you please give me the files?

sorry and thank you!

Dont be sorry. This model is a remix and if you have yet printed the original, the triangles are necessary.
If not, you can choose one of the 'Caisson' you want, they are just the same but with different look with the holes. To hold correctly the fan in housing choosen you need to print 'Blocage' piece to block the fan on it. So just a housing (one Caisson of your choice) and an Blocage piece

ah, okay, in this case one of the "caisson" and the triangles print :-)

Thank you so much!

No :-), one Caisson and one blocage piece, triangles are included in each caisson

okay :-) sorry for the long line :-)

I like this housing, but i got the problem, that I have the high capacitors and with the STL where the fan is on the right side the mounts don't fit. Either I screw the fan in the compartment, it won't fit with the coil or I screw it out of the compartment it won't fit with the bottom plate. Could You please make a STL similar with the regular ones (with the triangels) for the high capacitor version?

There is an opposite capacitor stl to manage this problem but it is with rectangle design

Sorry, You misunderstood me. Excuse my bad english. I already made the opposite STL. But anyway it doesn't fit in because of the height of the middle coil. I managed to install the fan without screws by cutting out some millimeters of the inner frame and the screw holders. Not a perfect but a working solution for me. It was already mentioned that every PSU is a bit different. Thank You very much for your design!

Hi, same issue here, the middle coil is straight up and not flat as you can see at the picture from User "numberformat" ! This is the reason why this fan mount doesn´t fit on older powersupplys like we have. You can solve this Problem by buying a Mean Well Powersupply: Mean Well LRS-350-12 Netzteil 350W 12V Ultraflach 30mm 1HU Einbau-Metallgehäuse. Otherwise you have to use a smaller fan or let it be in original !

I plugged in the scythe 12v fan and it started smelling very quickly. The newer i3 Mega power supplies come with a fan rated at 18 volts and the voltage can get all the way up to 24 volts!!! See attached pic.

I changed my fan as described here but it doesn't turn on when I turn on the printer. Is the power supply fan heat controlled and turns on whenever needed or did I do something wrong?

This fan should turn on when printer is on. Take care to the capacitors, some seems taller and can block fan. You have the opposite capacitors stl to this problem. Be sure the fan is well connected too.

This is NOT true! I dont know exactly how many different PSU/Mainboard-Version-Revision combinations exists but I got a newer Trigorilla Pro Board with "hard-soldered" stepper drivers and my PSU fan does NOT start spinning on powerup. And my fan is also rated 18V! and gets 22V from the PSU. To start the fan I had to start a print, just heating bed & extruder does not start it (with PSU case open...).
I am currently considering to use a cheap stepdown converter on the 22V to feed the 12V Kaze Jyu Slim. That would make it possible to adjust its speed to my needs, but I am not sure about this right now...

@pauledd Any update on this topic? I'm just about to install my new PSU fan and wondering if there is already a solution for this? Have you tried the stepdown converter?

Yes, used that Kaze Jyu Slim 1000rpm with an cheap step down from ~22V down to ~13V. Works so far. The only issue was with the "Opposite_Capacitors" model. It was quite tight and one screw hole was quite misaligned but I forced it to fit... so far everything else worked :). Sidenote, I have the Trigorilla Pro Board 32bit Version received Feb. 2018.

Hi Pauledd, could you name a source where to get a sufficient step down from 22V - 13V ? Amazon probably or such? I am from Germany. Thanks

For all that are wondering on my i3 ultrabase purchased 2018 the normal should fit, will print and report back. Also i tested every fan with a separate psu, to determine who is loud, result: all. PSU is 60x60x15 14V, Mainboard is 50x50x10, Hotend is a 40x40x10. I will replace the mainboard with scythe slipstream slim 1200rpm, psu with Kaze-Jyu Slim 1000 and hotend with Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX. See pics off all fans and psu.

Which STL did you use for this PSU?

Caisson_Square.stl and Blocage.stl

It fits, but is was very tight , had to sand a bit, maybe print it a bit larger.

Comments deleted.

I had the problem with the big capacitors,too. Fixed it cutting a hole for the fan in the bottom plate. Now its perfect and quiet:)

Yes this problem is recurent. I made the opposite-capacitor stl to fix it, but some capacitors are obviously too big. Glad it works anyway.

100x100x12 Fan is 1000 rpm and the air is enough? There is one with 2000 rpm. Is this not better?

Original Anycubic has no fan in the power box. This one is quite big and i can tell you very efficient even for long prints. The 2000 rpm will be more effective but unecessary and much more noisy. The main target is prints with no noise and securely, the 1000 rpm is a good choice.

When i have time i will make a 80x80 box

Maybe you can send me a STEP file? So i can modify myself.

No problem. They are created with Tinkercad, tell me wich model you want, i give you the link to download it

Caisson_Extraction.stl and Caisson_FullExtraction.stl


@Baroudeur How did you fix the second fan to bottom plate ? Where did you connect to to get power ?


Hail, the second fan is too a Kaze-Jyu Slim (100x100x12 mm). It is screwed directly on bottom plate of the printer and replace the original tiny one for the mainboard and drivers. It is powered by the plug used to connect the tiny one, much more efficient and so quiet too.

Excellent upgrade for the Anycubic i3 Mega.

Had to fiddle with the supports under the triangles a bit, since they became really hard to remove, but besides that it worked perfectly.
Fits right in without any problems.

Happy this suit to your needs :-)

The "Opposite_Capacitors" file doesn't seem to have a correctly sized hole for the fan. It will not fit. Thank you for the design.

The Kaze-Jyu Slim (100x100x12 mm) shoud slide in the space easily

HI friend. The hole is not the right size. Look at one of your other models and compare them side by side. The hole is 4mm too short. I created a remix today of your model that has the triangles included as part of the model. When I enlarged the opening by 4mm everything fit perfectly. Other than that, great design and I love the quieter fan! :)

loved it on the first sight, but did not work for me. :-(
The capacitors in my PSU are to high.
Will have to use ml_blh's design where the fan will sit higher and leave the bottom plate off.

Sorry for that, these capacitors are quite big, yes. Take care if you plan to install the fan outside box, not sure the base of the printer will slide gently. Make a test with the one you printed, they are same hight. With ml_blh's design it did not work for me, all PSU are a bit different.
Edit : I made a case with opening for fan at opposite of capacitors, one of my friend tested it, it works fine with his huge capacitors.

Do you have the .STL for that please?

Also does it matter what filament is used?

Where does the fan get his power?

This is the power supply of Anycubic I3 Mega Ultrabase (version 3.0), there is a fan inside it very noisy and it plugs directly inside it.

You got me wrong...
The Anycubic psu fan has 14v and the the kaze has 12v.
So the question is where did you connect the 12v kaze one ?

The plug in case is in fact 12V, so you can plug the kaze in without problem.