Turbine Faucet Watersaver (Thin Cone Version)

by madsoul666 Jan 9, 2018
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Great! ...but, what are all these files now? Would be even greater if you could put a detailed description of the files and their difference, because some of them look very similar.

Slic3r shows me that stl is broken

For the people that are having difficulty with overhangs, my solution was to make sure fan speed is always at maximum. And if your slicer supports a slow down near the overhang, use it. That will allow the printed lines to harden before the next. With this I am able to print completely without support. another idea, could be adding additional air flow (from external fan), however, you will need to print at higher extruder temperature to compensate.

These are really great. I use it in all of my bathroom syncs. I have one suggestion. Would it be possible to make sure the jets create a clockwise force? Some of the models (8mm) have it counterclockwise and that causes the device to unscrew itself over time.

I really have to agree with this. I love the design and love how it works, but it only lasted 2 days because it kept unscrewing and then I damaged the threads by trying to tighten it oo much. Please fix the direction!

The "inside" and the M24 version work on my bathroom sink. I wanted this one for the kitchen but inside doesn't exist and the threads are on the actual faucet. Maybe I'll shrink the other one and try it. I printed it in nylon so its food safe.

Nice design, but can you help me, I need M20 thread and only 4mm of long for my tap. Can you help me making these changes or uploading the CAD file to modify?


Is it realy possible to print without supports?

Yess, only without supports.
Try 0.09mm/layer, 45mm/sec, infill 100%, use brim adhesion assistant.

I tried these settings and got this (attachment).
Red is ABS on Ultimaker 2, White is PLA on Kossel Mini.

Just finished printing with supports, got quite good surface and suports removal was easy.

Some models have a 90 degree overhangs, they are unprintable without supports.

Yes, you are right, although in this case the part that is ugly is not very functional. I want to say that the important thing is the internal turbine. The part that remains frayed only channels the flow, it is not very necessary to be smooth. However, it is also a good solution to put supports only in contact with the bed.

Nice design!
Can you perhaps make it so that it is just the insert for standard faucet filter mounts? Thank you!


That's an aerator, mixes the water with the air, creating a jet of pure turbulence. The curtain effect could not be achieved with this.

Thanks for comments!

i am not talking about the effect but of fitting your turbine inside the decorative metal for estetic purposes. basically reduce the diameter and remove the threads. so that your design still has the flow properties it does now, but it just has a metal housing and metal threads. i hope i am making myself clear...

At the beginning I also thought about it but laminar flow gets complicated when you reduce the diameter, especially due to printing limitations. I'll try anyway as soon as I can.


Thanks for the new H-Files. They work great here!

Just found a little mistake. Maybe you'd like to put the mentioned thread size model into this file:
Turbine_Watersaver_M28_H (there is an M24 inside, see screenshot).


Thanks, I´m working on it.

The files seems corrupted on Slic3r. It identifies errors that it tries to correct them and after that there are holes. Meshmixer as well, analyzing it it identifies errors. Only me?
Simplify3D works, but I've the correct profiles for printing on Slic3r.

Try now with H files

Good morning,
Well, the "H" file is quite big, but it works!
In attach you can see on the left the high resolution version, on the right the old one.
Thanks a lot!

It prints perfect on Cura. Anyway I will check it

Could you do a thread more longer? For M24.

8mm. You can upload a step file and I will change it for me.

Could you upload the CAD file please ?
Solidworks or step or igs please :)
I'm interested by this thing but with a bigger thread

Thank you

What is your printer?
What settings are you using?
May be you need to try more flow. The scale is good in the stl file.

My printer is a CR10S and I haven't try to print it yet
It is the thread that I need to change.
In fact I have got a M28 thread on the water tap I want to fix.
If you could upgrade or give a CAD file easily modifiable that could be awesome :)

Awesome :)
Thank you very much