Modular Lightsaber #1 - Build your saber

by Z9ld Jan 9, 2018
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Hey, any chance you could post the original files? I've already made a lightsaber for my son using your parts (a mix of various others, I don't recall which now :). Anyway, my daughter likes this one; the outer diameter seems fine for her, but the flashlight LED and battery pack I happen to have available are too big. I have a bit of plastic pipe I can use inside the assembly, but I need to cut out a cylinder from inside these pieces and I haven't found a tool that can do that by importing the STL yet.


  • Pat

Hey, first off let me say I LOVE this idea. I downloaded literally all your modular lightsaber files. The problem is, though, I found that they didn't work at all. I don't know if this is true for all of them but out of the ones i tried, all but one was either chopped in half or was only a tiny sliver of what it was meant to be. I hope you can get it fixed soon because i want to print all of these things :) thanks!

First of all, thx for your feedback :)
Can you give me some files you've tried to print ? (I'll try to print them myself) I've to admit that I made some of the models 2 years ago.. So maybe some have problems I don't remember.

If you can try to print this one, it should help me (only the Left or Right side, as you want) : (it is the lastest one)

Tryin' to fix that asap

Modular Lightsaber #6 (double-bladed possible) - Build your saber
by Z9ld

Maybe it is the age of the files because #6 worked fine for me in Cura. I also tried #2 and it was good too lol. The ones I had tried was from #1 and the page with all the bases. Once I get a chance to print them I'll send you an update, but the other ones look totally fine on the slicer.

Indeed, I've just visualised some of my models (#1 for example) with Cura -> there is a major problem.. Thx for your reply !
I'll fix that asap :)

Hey! I finally got around to printing a whole lightsaber and it looks great! I took parts from different lightsabers and put them together since many of them had that strange problem. I think I used emitter S6, pommel S3, body s2, and some switch (I don't remember which). but dang does it look snazzy and I can't wait to paint it up.

Yeah, that problem is strange. The .stl isn't corrupted on Thingiverse/3D Viewer, but on Cura it is...
That's so cool if u've made a great lightsaber :D
Can't wait to see the result :)