Replicator Kapton Tape Applicator

by drandolph Jul 28, 2012
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Made one of these tonight out of 3mm acrylic. Next time I'll use 6mm wood/acrylic - it has too much flex for those times you need to peel the tape up a bit.

BUT, the device does work - it was MUCH easier getting the tape down with less fuss. Not a "perfect" application, but still good and way faster than manually wrestling with the tape while trying to squeegee it down. Thanks!

What are the dimensions of the inside cutout? I'd like to scale on of these to a ToM build platform.

I'll have to sweet talk the new DT teacher into letting me use the new laser cutter...

Of course, I instantly start wondering how one would print it. :-P

I recently found that Pyralux seems more effective than straight Kapton. Pyralux is copper backed kapton, designed for flexible circuits, so I just cut it and used the screws tohat hold my HBP together to hold it. A little arctic silver (stable to 30degrees higher than my HBP goes!) as a thermal conductor and it's allmost magic! This Applicator will let me avoid the fingerprints that have annoyed me so.... Thanks!

Do you have an stl of it? Thanks.

Better results than using windex?

Equal to windex IMO but I bet it would help make putting down tape with windex easier as well. Mount it to the jig and then apply windows to the tape. No worries about getting the cable wet.

Yeah, wet the platform with a little windex and you can move the tape around effortlessly; bubbles slide right on out with little effort. Dries pretty quickly. Some phone/tablet sceen protectors are applied that way.

Just be sure not to get your build plate cable wet.

Hope that makes your life easier!

Thanks for the windex tip! That worked great! I have the best tape application I've ever seen!