AM Radio That Works!

by 3DSage Jan 10, 2018
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The build and instructions look great. Do I need to use germanium diode? Would silicon diode work? Thanks

To be successful it should be a Germanium diode (Lower Voltage drop)

hola el arricular como se llama ese modelo? yo quiciera hacerlo con la impresora... pero necesito el nombre o modelo para conseguir las dimenciones... gracias saludos

This is amazing! 2 questions:

Can I use an arduino buzzer instead of a Piezo speaker?

Is a diode necessary?

Yes the diode converts the alternating wave to direct current that drives the speaker. The current is low but with an amplifier the buzzer should work.

Thank you for saying that! :)

very nice !!!!
i have a question .... cant print the coil direct with conductive filament pla?
I assume it does not work ... but i not understand nothing about circuits and sure u know more of me....

Hi! That is a nice idea but I believe that would not work. This coil wire is covered in a protective enamel insulator coating but if you 3d printed it, it would all be conductive and short out. I would like to see more 3D printed conductive projects so keep thinking and working on it! You never know what is possible if you don't try.

Nice job. What tool did you use for your graphic presentation? I made my first crystal radio about 50 years ago, but I used an oatmeal box!!

That's great! I think crystal radios are great project everyone should try. For the graphics, I used a mix of 3Ds Max and After Effects. It may not have been the easiest tool but I like how it turned out.

Outstanding. I think my favorite part was how to make a diode. This is a great MacGyver lesson on basic radio and diode making. Now you just need to write a TV script on how MacGyver saves someone by making a diode then a crystal radio and using that to tune into the information they need to survive. :)

Yes that is my favorite part too! I almost cut it out of the video since it wasn't working but after a few hours I did get the MacGyver diode to work! I think there is a Gilligan's Island episode where the professor makes a coconut radio haha.

Thank you for saying that! :)