Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

DC-17 Hand Blaster (Authentic Phase I Animated Version)

by Jetstorm_477 Jan 14, 2018
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Still plugging away. Ready to spray #1 and close to assembly on #2. :)

Nearly finished as I see ;)

Don't forget to post your make : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2753206/make
Thanks !

DC-17 Hand Blaster (Authentic Phase I Animated Version)

Hey, what do you need to size the A,B,C models for?

Don't understand your question sorry?
The A B C parts are made to print a small model of the blaster, that's all =)

I am confused on which size spring to use for the trigger. Could you link me to some on Amazon?

Hi !

You'll need a Ø5 mm (0.20") x15 mm long spring.

For example :

Or even :

You also can cut it if it's really too long inside, the most important is the diameter (0.2" max - 0.1" min)


Wow you are awesome!! Would the 0.25 be the one to get on that first link? That's the closest to 0.20" I see.

Nope 0.25" is the lengh, you'll need the last one (0.62") =)
(The 0.2" I was talking about is the diameter)

Thank you so SO much!

Alright so I got my two blasters printed, and all my electronic parts purchased. Now my only question, is what are you using to hold the negative and positive contacts in place? Is it just an overall tight fit that's helping to keep the wires touching the battery?

Hi !

You can use two springs (Ø5 and Ø8) that you insert at the right place (as seen on attached picture).
(I didn't try it personally, but it's designed for)

Good luck and keep me informed !

Quite a bit more sanding later.... Time to shoot some filler/primer over it to get those last little bits filled in.

Down to final sanding on #1. The major chunks for #2 are in the left background. :)

Haha great, just saw you printed it twice x)))
Impatient to see these two finished ! Good luck ;D

There's still gluing and painting to do ! at work ! ;)

'Tis progressing apace...along with two costumes, a lightsaber upgrade, and printer infrastructure pieces. ;)

Comments deleted.

Printed 2 of these, and love them. (Bought your DC-15s blaster) Do you have a diagram how you envisioned setting up the trigger to an LED? I see the required components, but not sure how to wire it up.

Great, glad to here it !
Yes, I remember you ;)
Of course ! Find the electrical diagram in the attached files (you'll have to modify a little the part 9 hole, and replace it by an end-stop switch : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B00U8MPFLO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1).
Good luck !

Well now, I was most of the way through a accurized version of this as well. I guess I don't have to now ;)

Haha great ! Glad to help you =D
Don't forget to share your making, I want to see how do you paint it ! ;)

Will do. I'm either going to have to split your upper or modify mine to fit yours. My UP plus 2 will only do 130mm x 3.

Wow only 130mm ?? :/
Hum, if you rescale the gun at 95%, only part 1 is to big, I'll cut it for you don't worry ;)

390 cubic is what that was supposed to be, 130mm x 3. I shouldn't try to math do soon after waking.

LOL I see X) (You sleep at 4:00 P.M. ??! =D )
Here are the files ! You just have to scale them ALL at x0.95 (for Part 3 which is 13.52 mm long)

Yes on sleep, usually 0900 to 1500 or 0830to 1600if I can.
Merci, mon ami. I'd still like to print at 100% as I'm planning on doing Capt. Keeli's armour as well.

Okay you surely work at night^^
Mais de rien ! ;P
Wow great ! Very curious to see it !

Ours differed by a millimeter here and there but damned close. I was down to the trigger guard and grip butt on mine. Thank you for sending the split upper, that will do just fine. I'm waiting on some silver filament before I print this out.

Nice, that's perfect ;)
Keep me informed of your work !

Got it printed and mostly rough filed/sanded. Ran into an issue with the fit of solid barrel though. I brought it in to TinkerCAD to verify and you'll need to refine your LED Barrel then rout the opening again on the forward pieces. Beautiful model otherwise! :)

Great ! Waiting for the final result =)
Hum yes someone already said me that, that's why I updated the concerned parts yesterday (I reduced the diameter of parts 4 & 5).
Thanks for your feedback !

Jetstorm you did it again man. this is gorgeous

Of course I did it ! =P
Thank you ;)