Modular Lightsaber - Blade for sabers

by Z9ld Jan 11, 2018
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How dose the blade go into the handle, and can I just use the top?

What is the width of this blade ?

I said a few weeks ago that I was printing this blade. Sorry about the delay, I have been busy theese weeks.
I printed two of them, but I also designed some improvements. I uploaded all the upgrades I have done, so you can check them: Hope you like them and found them usefull.

The main improvement for this blade is this piece, that helps to have a strong joint with the hilt. Also, helps the blade to get more light, because it is wider, and also fix the flashlight in place:

Theese are other improvements I have done for the modular lightsabers:

Modular Lightsaber Blade UPGRADE: Screw adapter
by enbager
Modular Lightsaber UPGRADE: Pro-Blade
by enbager
Display / Stand for Lightsaber
by enbager
Modular Lightsaber UPGRADE: Color change disk
by enbager
Modular Lightsaber UPGRADE: Electronic core (Light+sound)
by enbager
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having some problem with the strength of the blade. Any recommendation on print settings? Also can you link the led strip your using?

For the strenght of the blade, I print them with 50% fill, it's enough :) The LED strip was just an example of what a friend of mine has done with it. It's just a LED strip, I don't know which one.

Just to confirm these files have not been shrunk in any way correct? As is they seem.... small? By comparison I expected them to be able to thread into the existing system you have in an easy way. I don't know if that is an error on my part or if the file shrunk while slicing?

Sorry for this late answer, I've been busy.
No indeed, they haven't. They are able to go into the existing system (the lightsaber base file) Try to force a little to pu the blade into the base.

Oh I found some pictures on my phone. So I show you the blade with a LED Strip too ( a friend of mine made that for me)

how do you power the led strip?

With an external battery : Anker PowerCore 5000

Does an external battery as that one fit into de Saber?

Pd: BTW... I'm already printing it... I will post photos soon ;P

An external battery doesn't fit into this version of the saber. But it is really close and you just have to extrude a little for that :)

Thx for the photos incoming !

Seems the blade may be the correct size but I cannot get it to rest inside the handle. It sits strangely on the internal base. Is there maybe an additional print I have missed? Like a different base that it can screw into?

No, u missed nothing. Sometimes it depends on the printer or the impression and you have to force a little, try to 'screw' the blade into the lightsaber base.
This is a nice printing btw :)

I don't think so. I've recently printed a blade like this, it fits well with the saber...
Can you show me the parts printed ?

Your design is great... I also wanted to create something like this.. so I'll probably print it.
Could you please share a picture of the blade iluminated? are the joints too much visible? Maybe with a led strip inside it can be quite cool...
I like the idea of being able to unscrew it and carry the blade anywhere
I like it, but maybe I would change the tip, for a more rounded one

The joints are not too much visible (and yes with a led strip it can be great ;) )
I'll send you a picture this week-end :)