Creality CR-10 Control Box 120mm Fan Mod

by BrianTheCookie Jan 14, 2018
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arent the slots in the bottom a little too.. little? i would imagine the large fans would be completely starved for air because of the pressure.

I like the concept and have (independently) implemented somethign similar myself, stealing bits and pieces from other designs on thingiverse, but i included rather long legs to give the fans some breathing room on the bottom.

Since you mention the front Fan blowing in: are you doing a push-pull to keep the airflow balanced, or just pumping air in on both fans?

I agree with that statement. I tried the fans on their own, and in the case, and there is a clear difference in air flow. If you allow me, i'd be glad to remix your version to test another design. Have you designed this with sketchup or fusion360? Again, great idea, hope we can make it even better!

still a work in progress on documenting the design part and i didn't feel like taking mine apart to take pictures but heres a bunch of screenshots: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2764990

cr-10 control box base plate & legs for dual 120mm fans
by tekblub

Sure. My design is still very much a work in progress, but so far I've only printed each part once and it works. Its not screwless, but the fan screws double up to hold the legs, and the original case screws hold it to the control box

The biggest issue so far is exhaust air going back into the front, I've added some fins toward the rear, but that piece is still experimental.

Give me a few hours to get home and I'll upload it to thingiverse as a WIP. Oh and its made in tinkercad, but I'm looking for tools.

Ok, i was talking to BrianTheCookie, but i've discovered your design and it seems interesting too! I think the honeycomb pattern is pretty but lowers the airflow. Even if it seems to participate to the strenght of the structure. What i liked in Brian's design is that it's simple and the fan didn't need to be screwed. Maybe an inbetween design would be perfect :)

Hi Biz, err, I am using Rhino3D. What file format would you like it in?

Hi, thank you but don't bother, i think i'll make it from scratch, it will be a good exercise on Fusion360 ;)

Oh well, one can argue that it seems little but I can't hear any sucking noise that indicates that the fan is struggling to pull air through the vents. I am using a 12V 0.3A fan, if you use a higher rated one you may find that airflow is a problem. This guy takes a few hours to print so yea, need to balance that with long legs.

I just use 1 fan to push the air in. Can feel a gentle breeze coming out of all the other holes in the case so I am pretty happy. Definitely don't need a hurricane in there & it is whisper quiet.

Thanks for the design. Have you modified the case of the PSU? Or just got rid of the fan and that's it. Because the holes in the cover of the PSU don't match at all the size of a 12cm fan, i wonder if it's efficient or not.

Hi, i have not modified the case or the PSU. The control box sans tbe bottom cover just sit on the 2 stands and the 120mm fan is friction fit into the stand. You can tape it onto the control box if u want but there is no need unless u move the thing on a regular basis.

Ok i get it, you mean you have completely removed the bottom cover of the box. Thanks.