Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

3D Scanner - Low Budget Photogrammetry Setup

by OpenScan Jan 13, 2018
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That's great work! I take it you can pull them as far apart as you need depending on the size of the model you're shooting? I need it for shooting head covers from a car engine.

Hi, great work!

What do you think about adding a linear axis to mount the camera onto so focus stacking can be done?
Just an idea, really would like to see that feature...

Thanks for all this, it's really great!

We are waiting for the continuation!

I'm a bit surprised, as I always thought that for photogrammetry to work, you'd need a changing background (like you get when moving the camera around an object) for the software to work properly. This project has a static background, and still gives excellent results, so my initial belief is clearly just not true.

An eye opener for me, so thanks! And an excellent project too, BTW. :-)

Concerning the moving background you were completely right, BUT there are several ways to handle static background. First, on the software side, it is possible to mask unwanted areas (background or reflections). And second, you could create a featureless background (e.g. black) so the software will "ignore" these areas. Different programs have different abilities in handling static background, sometimes masking is absolutely necessary, sometimes it is not needed at all. I am still trying to figure out, how to handle this. And keep in mind, that a black background is not fully black as there will always be some fluctuations on the foto. But there are ways, to replace for instance all near-black pixels with one color, which helps a lot. See the attached picture of a 50ct coin, which is covert in chalk powder to reduce reflection and add features to the surface.

Ah, thanks for the additional info!

Thanks for sharing this! Your scans are very good!

Wow, looks pretty cool.
Would like to build and use that.

I see you controll everything with an arduino.
Would you share the code for the whole thing with us?

Do you use automatic coordinates to get the dense cloud,
oder do you use the exact valsues (if you give each picture its coordinates,
3d scanning is even more accurate)

So far it is only in German and you might want to adjust some values. Here you can find the arduino code and the sketchup file of the design (subfolder "Scanner") and also two picture sets and 3D modells, that were produced with this device.


There is also an introduction on photogrammetry included (pdf - in German). I would be happy for any help translating the code/introduction.

German is totally ok for me.
Maybe i'll translate it,
if i begin to built it.

Thank you for sharing with us!