Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

G2s Pro E3D V6 Maxmount (Now with BL-touch!)

by Haabilo Jan 13, 2018
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Hello, I want to do a remix, without the lower part, so we can hace more building space, a simpler version of it, can I get the files?

Oh damn! I noticed your comment and was about to reply but completely forgot.

I have the Rev5 pretty much done, I managed to print a benchy and a some other part that I can't remember with it.
It worked flawlessly (with a silicone sock). My design of the layer cooler is a bit tight, so I had to carve chunks out of it to not touch the heater block, which caused some holes to the ducting.

I'll try to post the files now.

hi, nice design!!

can u please upload the .step files? I want to make a remix version for use a volcano hotend.


I can and will, but they will be of the Rev5, it has been printing really nicely for a couple of weeks now. It has interchangeable layer ducts so changing to a Volcano will not require as major modifications as currently.

(From your PM:) As for 40mm fans, it will require some major modifications, as the current 30mm fan is just barely small enough to not interfere with the effector arms. I have an idea about an inline 4010 radial fan for the layers, but haven't really needed them.

If they don't appear here soon-ish, just bug me on PMs so I'll get around to posting them. :D

hehe .. yes that sounds great .. So background because of the 40mm fan, ideally 4020 for component cooling is just great for high speeds. I have some printers and build for a long time on a XXL Delta with 28x630mm and this is just synonymous to make higher speeds, which makes a Vlcano necessary. Yes and a strong air cooling for the component. I've already looked through everything that exists here on Thingiverse and also already drawn some, good bissher was not really really. That's why I like your design a lot because you could do both. Problem what I see in the 30mm fans, is that there simply is not the taste have enough taste enough power. If you have some which have more power, they are very noisy or cost a fortune. 40mm fans are already very good for little money.

Would it be going to a Kossel XXL? Because this mount is designed for the effector that ships with the G2s and Rostock 301 (40mm diameter hole in the middle).

But you're in luck as I am also building/upgrading a Kossel XXL (310mmø - 500mm height)! I'm redesigning the effector that I have currently (64mm paralellogram width) With support for the V6 and Volcano right out of the box. It still uses 4010 radials, but 2 of them.
I'm not 100% sure where it will go as I'm also going to test out a self-made Berd cooler for the XXL...

yes that looks good, so I personally think so just this design interesting, good axial fans are far better than component coolers than radial, because the build up less pressure. But ... I have one from Delta, a 4020 that builds more pressure than a 5015 radial fan and is not as loud as many cheap radial fans. Haha. Berd Air is also a fine thing, I personally am not a big fan of. In your design, you've used magnetic joints, I've walked away from them and back to classic joints that work better, especially with my speed goals.

Therefore, the original design is very cool here. Effector and Hotend unit are independent, thus combinable. Brilliant.

Just want to say thank you for this great model, improved my prints a lot!

I made a separate BL Touch mount as the included one was not fitting my BL Touch. Its in the remixed section!


The BL-touch mount was a hasty addition made for a friend.

I've been working on-off on an improved version too!

Just printed this and the mount fit perfectly but the mount for bltouch dont work at all


Okey, I got the first prints out with the Rev4.2 and they were absolute shit. The prints were overheated as hell on the other side of the layer cooling ducts.

The ducts are a bit too high for them to cool down the layer "behind" the heater block.

Rev5 will have the cooling ducts as a separate part (with a defined interface to make iteration faster), that is to accomodate ducts that can flare out wider than the 40mm diameter blind that they have to fit through now, making it possible to create more "airflow optimized" versions.

you could add version with m3 holes for fans ;)
many use e3d clones, so screws are hard to find...
printed in PETG 9005

See the 2018-01-24 update. ;)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

hello there,

your design has a great potential, but those extra thin side layers makes it really problematic. Not only slicer cannot read them properly, Inventor see them as empty space as well.

try to thicken them a bit, add description regarding size of the fans and you have one of the best v6 designs that are out there

good job mate

Those thin parts are half-supposed to be there. When I printed these parts with a 0.6 nozzle, all of the holes were in places where having them didn't really impact the performance of the parts.
I can make a "bulked up" version and add it to the files where parts of the shrouds are thickened. (Though that has to be in Blender, since Fusion is reaaaally fickle with the current features. Changing unrelated stuff upstream breaks features that don't even need to be fixed, just start editing them and stop editing them without any changes and that "fixes" them.)

In the simulations I made, thickening the part that's highlighted in pic #3 by even 1 mm, cut the amount of cooling air by almost 20% (IIRC it was something like 19.6%).

I also added a line about the fans. Both are 30mm. Might need to make that part a bit more visible...

Thanks for the feedback!