Egg Separator (Kitchen)

by mussy Jan 14, 2018
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i like this egg separator and tried to print one with PETG. But the top of the longish holes are not accurate. So i am little bit sad because all other is quite well. i am asking my self if it is possible to print it with a smooth top of the longish holes without support. Because i am a beginner i am asking for your advice to get a better result. Do you have an advice for me? It would be nice :-)



Hi Frank, do you have a photo I can look at

Hi, i have overworked it a Little bit. Herr is the result...

That looks quite bad, you should get a bit of strings that can easily be cleaned off, you have two options, lowering the temperature slightly / increase fan speed & slow down your printing speed.
Do let me know how it turns out ?
If that does not work I can generate easy removable supports

my fan speed is already at 100 %. But i will lower the printing temperature from 225° to 215°. My printing speed was 40 mm/s and i think this is ok or what do you mean? If my next try is still disappointing it would be fantastic with support.Thank you. But first let me try if new parameters will be a success :-) My printer is actually blocked but my next project is the egg separator. I will let you know about the result.

I have tried without supports . It's much better but not the way i want. So i will try later to print it with supports. Maybe after that i am lucky with my new egg separator :-) Many thanks for your help!!!

Its my pleasure Frank, good luck

Due to the nature of 3D FDM printed parts how can this be food safe?

its up to you if you want to print it or not

Will give it a pass thanks. Rest of your stuff looks respectable.

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Wow so you will only except nice comments...
Wooden utensils are made from relatively dense wood like the stuff between...
In this case it could be safer because there is no %infill that can make nice hollow spaces for bacteria or even worse can grow in.
PLA is a degradable plastic , sure the dish wash liquid and plenty of water will help that along.
Wonder how it would look after the first time grama puts that in the dishwasher.
Wood is not equal to 3D printed things, well not yet sure there is a cellulose printer being developed out there somewhere.

PS: Its not personal so relax.

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did you print that with support? I have stringing, see picture. No matter what settings, temperature I choose. Filament also does not matter. Use Slic3r and pla

Micha, I got sum but not as bad as your print sorry, maybe you can clean it off

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Just so everyone knows, no matter what filament you use, it's the texture of printed objects that make it not food safe. It's just not something that can be fully cleaned.

You are right, I printed this with PETG, when I had it in my hands I was like "Hey bacteria will love this!" It can be an uncracked egg holder!

i use normal pla filament.is it safe to using it for eggs?

No it is about the nature of the 3D printing texture that leaves place for bacteria to set in between the layers.

PLA is the safest of 3D printing materials

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how do you do it. it's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks cassidy :)

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Hi Mussy, a question not related to this print, but since you make a lot things for kitchen maybe you could help me. If I want to paint something for food safe, what should I use? Thanks in advance

Hi Daniel, I usually use food grade casting silicone to paint all my stuff the casting silicone is a lot thinner than normal silicone, it seals the pours and makes it handle higher temperatures,the only problem with the silicone is you get a lot of drip marks on the finished item. Just make sure you avoid Latex & Acrylic.

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Me too lol

Hi Mussy I am printing one of these great little kitchen aids now and I left the shell thickness at 0.8mm when you say 3 shells is this the one you mean should have been 3mm? new to this sort of thing. thanks for the great file

Hi Ross, if you are using 0.4 nozzle 3 shells means 3 x 0.4 = 1.2 mm thick walls (shells), there are internal and external walls & the actual thickness including the infill gap is 2.5 mm , I hope that helped you understand about the infill and shells

Hi thanks for the response yes that does make sense now. I printed 2 one from PETG and the other from translucent red PLA+ and they printed fine and look good thanks again

Its my Pleasure :)

Really nice. My print needed a bit of cleaning up, but not bad. My wife an I are obsessed with making French macaron cookies. We use lots of egg whites and this will help.

Wanhao i3 Plus PLA at 210 degrees

I'm glad it worked out good for you :)

How is it possible to print this without supports? Are you turning it upside down first so it's face down on the bed?

I like this design, i printed it yesterday as my first print. However by pressing the handle together with a bit of force it came loose, see photo. Any idea on how to make it stronger?

its a layer adhesion problem, what material are you using and what temp are you printing @
it could be one of these problems:
1) temp is too low for your filament (if PLA optimal temp 213-215C)
2) filament snag or minor jam (Add a dust filter)
3) Bed not level
4) Not enough Shells (increase to 5 Shells)

PS: Nice color match with your Crocks :P lol

  1. I print at 200*C,
  2. Can You post a pic of a dust filter
  3. Bed is level
  4. Don’t remember

Ps thanks lol

I changed the design a bit and added a wall between the handles.

FILTER: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1099978
ok but your printing temp is too low I would increase it to 213

Filament Dust Filter Remix

Finally 1000 like you guys are very hard to please lol :P Thanks ;)


I'm lost for words thanks all for the 3000 likes :)

4K Likes Thanks ;)

YAY :) MY FIRST 1000 COLLECTS, Thanks All :)

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What about health safety?

What about health safety??? Use PLA

3d prints are not good for food, they have lots of small cavities where small particles will rot.

It's ok for one time use only.

Javier Valencia PLEASE STOP TROLLING MY DESIGNS & Stalking me with messages Thank you

If you're concerned about food getting caught in the cavities and rotting, you could paint on a thin layer of food grade silicone.

That's a great Idea Kevin :)

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

Thanks Jett :)

No problem! It looks like the person who has the store on etsy has ripped off at least 17 people's designs

Ye , all he needed was to get permission, its been removed ;)

If I use 25% infill on Cura it is a flimsy piece. I am now printing at 70% and still fairly thin. Nice design.

Thanks, How many shells are you using? because I used 5 shells and 25% infill and its very rigid