Tevo Tornado Fang with or without Bl-touch mount

by gdramos Jan 15, 2018
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Could you upload the STEP/BREP file? There is a bridging flaw where the base of the fangs meet, it is a small gap at each end, I assume this happened during the export to stl.

Hello, its possible to have a version for a all metal Micro Swiss hotted? because there is a difference between the original tornado and the Micro Swiss! its the mounting part on the right side! many tx for your time!

I printed this last night and purchased the fans today. I'm no electrician or engineer and I was scared to death i was going to mess the wiring up. Your directions were flawless. Test Print came out great. Thanks for the great file.

Ah, here it is.
I got my Tornado second hand from a guy that had this installed. Unfortunately, a messed up print broke it in two places. I managed to print off a new BLTouch mount with it taped together, but I was then stuck with two fans connected and only one place to put them. So now I can print this off and put it back the way it was.

I use it for 1 year and I am very happy with this design. It is efficient and modular. I wish to make a slight modification to increase the stability and add a fixation in the upper part. Is it possible to share the .step as you did for the version with a 5015?

Thanks this fan shroud really works great. I can't imagine the amount of time you spent designing this. I made a LED light bar bracket that mounts to the fan that works really well with your setup. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3117189

Tevo Tornado Fang LED light Bar 40mm Fan

Is there any drawing file for the x carriage wheel bracket? the green colour part

Will this fit on an Ender 3? I no longer have my Tornado, but loved this mod. Carriage looks almost on identical on my Ender 3...

Yeah I confirmed late last night. Can I have source file so I can design something for Ender 3

Unfortunately it doesn't because it mounts to one of the threaded holes on the heatsink of the tornado. The Ender 3 uses a different heatsink.

Do I have to get other fans or is it using the stock fans?

Hotend fan uses the stock one; part cooling fan is another 40x10 fan same as hotend fan, not the stock one.

Can we print it with PLA or will it melt in contact with the hot end radiator?

PLA works well. The heatsink doesn't get hot enough to melt PLA as long as your hotend fan is working properly.

There's a 24V Version of the needed fan on Amazon, so no need for the step-down board anymore!
Thanks for the Design, will print it tomorrow and wait eagerly for the fans

Maybe an obvious question - but does this actually improve your prints?
(I'm almost tempted just by the way it looks.. but..)

For this design, it depends a lot on what fan you use for part cooling. It needs to have really good airflow for it to give you any improvements.
Check out the review youtube video linked on the description.

Sorry, completely missed those before..
Looks like a blower is the way to go. Many thanks for your work.

Hello, nice design i would like to know if it would work on a CR-10?

It does not because the CR-10 uses a different hotend heatsink than the Tornado.

thank you for the answer.

Nice design thanks a lot. I m waiting for my fans ;)
Maybe soon a new version for a chimera hot end ? Or maybe you accept to share your steps ?

Hello, I wanted to give you a tip but it's not setup on your account yet. Can you please make it so that the other fan (Part cooling - top one) is 50 mm ? Thanks !

Yeah, I have intentionally not set it up, but I appreciate the thought. :)
I have seen some people use a 50mm to 40mm adapter that can be easily found here on Thingiverse; if this solution does not work for you, I can try to find some time to make that modification this week. Let me know.

Both fang parts look identical, I cannot see where to attach the BLTouch probe to either.

What exactly is the difference between the two?

BL-Touch mount is a separate STL. The fang labeled BL-Touch has the spacing for the BL-Touch mount piece to fit between the fang's mounting point and the carriage plate. Take a look at the pictures.

I have the problem that the fan outlets are too close to the bed so they scrub on the print. Anyone else had this problem?

Is the print curling up and that's why it's scrubbing?
If its curling up, then your slicer cooling fan settings may need to be adjusted.

It's surely curling up at overhangs, therefore I printed the new fan shroud...
From what I experienced, it already scratched on the tiny blobs when you use z-lift during retractions. It's really close tho the bed.

Is this a stock hotend? have you disassembled and reassembled the hotend?

I never use z-hop or z-lift, and I haven't had too much of an issue. it does scratch sometimes when an overhang lifts up, but not to the point of making the print come off the bed or anything like that.

I would recommend just sanding or trimming the tips of the fangs. It shouldn't affect performance.

Hi !
Great design, i installed it yesterday, but i've got a problem ... my first layer 's no stick to the bed ... and when i'm trying to print supports with S3D, same issue, they don't stick ... do i have to change value with this mount ?
Best regards

Have you tried setting a couple of "support base layers"?
Prints a solid base for support structure to be built on, which gives thin supports a bit more strength.

Are you using a BL-touch sensor? If so, you might need to adjust your z-offset or something along those lines because the mount of your BL-touch changed.

Yes i adjusted it... but it seems the fang is really near to the nozzle, and my friend told me that i have To adjust the % air...

Your fan should be turned off for the first few layers. If the fan is off, the first layer should stick the same way as before installing the fang. You should not need to adjust anything else.

Ok, thank you, i ' ll try this tip...
Have a great day !

Love the dual 40mm fang fan design. Would you have a Tevo Tarantula with BL touch version?

No, I don't have any Tarantula designs.

What x axis mount does this require please?

Many thanks

It mounts to the stock x-axis plate & hotend on the Tevo Tornado.

printed this is TPU with 100% infill...do you think it will hold up?

Yeah, I think it should be fine.

Hi, could you give info about FW for Tornado and it's settings to work with this mount?

The only change you may have to do on your current firmware is the X and Y offset of the BL-touch sensor. Other than that, everything can stay the same. The firmware with BL-touch configuration is available in the Tornado Owners Facebook group.

Is there a manual how to mount this on a regular Tornado? Somehow I'm stupid... I can remove the original but there are no holes where I can screw this replacement on. Either they changed the new model (with the green printbed) or I just don't get how to install this? Help please?

Oh Man... I feel sooo stupid... somehow the print got flipped and is mirrored... no wonder I couldn't mount it. Sorry.

No worries. Stuff like that happens to all of us. :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the BL-touch version missing the BL-touch mount? To me both versions look equal

The Bl-touch mount is a separate file that works together with the Fang file that's labeled to work with Bltouch.

Hello Ramos,

Sorry for asking.
Please don’f forget me !
I really like your model and I want to print it with your gcode on my Tevo Tornado.
Thanks !
Note: I have no bl-touch

Attached is the gcode file. Using PLA with nozzle at 205C and Bed at 80C.

Hi Ramos,

Many thanks I will start printing this part asap.
If it is not a problem please send me also the slicer prameters for this print so I can learn from it. I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


Attached is the my slic3r config bundle with all my profiles.

Ramos again thanks ! ! !!

I won't forget. I'm at work at the moment, but I'll send you the file when I get home in about 3 hours.

Dear Ramos,

I’m printing your part at the moment.
I see the air channels are also containing support inside.
Is this okay ? How do I remove them ?
Is it possible to send me the gcode file so I can print it with the right slicer settings ?
Thanks for help I’m still a rookie

There needs to be some support in the area of the fan opening facing down, but all that support should be accessible to remove through the fan opening. I can post the g-code and slic3r settings I used on here later today.

Hello Ramos,

Many thanks to send me your gcode to print your part out of PLA on my tornado.
It will help me a lot.
Again thanks fir helping me

Hi gdramos,

Are you replacing the product cooler fan for the Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM or the FLX typ ?

I got the FLX (the PWM version requires a dedicated PWM signal), but It seems noctua fans may not be the best choice for part cooling fans because they don't modulate very well at low percentages with the PWM frequency the control board outputs by default.
They work just fine if you increase the min % in your slicer to something like 80 or 90% which is like having the fan fully on all the time.

Hello gdramos,

Is this the way to connect a 12Volt fan to the Tevo Tornado ( as you explained ) ?
See attachement

Thanks for helping

Here is a quick paint diagram. If this is not clear enough, let me know and I can draw a proper diagram later.

Ramos thanks a lot it is clear

I made one of these that I changed a bit to fit 50mm radial fans
the original build has some defects that cause it to not print at the top where walls are thinner then 0.4 mm
make sure you have settings right so it will print parts that are less then nozzle size


could you share what fans you are using here?


1 x Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX (40mmx10mm)
1 x random 40mmx10mm fan soon to be replaced by Noctua NF-A4x20


I have found the NOCTUA fans in 5V and 12V versions only.
The original fans on the Tevo Tornado are powered with 24V, aren´t they?
If yes, do you have a link to 24V versions available, please?
Otherwise what solution did you used for this?

Thanks in advance :-)

I used a step down converter to get 12V: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GJ0SC2C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

All the fans on my Tornado are now 12V fans (control box and hot-end).

link doesnt work

Amazon links are not working for some reason, but the product name on Amazon is:
"eBoot 6 Pack LM2596 DC to DC Buck Converter 3.0-40V to 1.5-35V Power Supply Step Down Module".

Thanks for this information. Based on this another question is coming up....

These circuits are generating a constant output voltage (12V) as long as the input voltage is higher (>=12V). So in result your fan cooling the material extruded will be working with more or less constant RPMs.
For example: 1st layer - the fan is turned off -> no output voltage to the circuit -> fan off
2nd or 3rd layer - the fan might be set to 80% starting cooling -> 80% of 24V = 19.2V
-> the fan is getting 12V, this equals to 100% RPM again

Do you have added an additional circuit to regulate the 12V for this dedicated fan ?

Most 3D-printer controllers have low-side drivers for their fans and heating elements. This means that the positive(+) lead of the fan/heating element always has a constant +24V or +12V and the negative(-) lead of the fan is connected/disconnected rapidly according to the percentage set by the g-code command.
Therefore, All you need to do is disconnect the positive(+) lead from the controller which currently supplies +24V and connect it to your externally provided +12V (via the step down); the negative(-) leads of the fans remain at their original location on the controller because that's how they are controlled.

Thanks again - this explains a lot :-)

Version for 50mm fans?

Various fan size conversion adapters.

50mm radial fans or blowers?

Hi thank you for your project. Is it possible to mount the original fans on it? I am not so good in soldering....
For the bl touch ....do you have any file/ setting noob proof...( me)? Sorry to bother you .. 3d printing needs senior printer support (or an exorcist) to tame possessed printers...

No problem. You can use the original hotend fan which is a 40mm fan. For part cooling though, you also need a 40mm fan which is different from the stock part cooling fan, so you would need to get another one of those.

I don't have much info on the BL-touch because I don't really use one. There is a YouTube video on how to add the BL-touch to the Tornado that does a pretty good job at walking you through it though.

Thank you very much for your help. R