Foot for PS4 FAT

by Marcus24 Jan 15, 2018
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Too big for PS4 Pro

I designed this for PS4 FAT, it is written in the name of this thing.
PS4 Pro foot can be downloaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2247283

Simple foot for PS4 pro
by darevix

Ohhh, tnx for info ;)

Printed PS4_fat_narrow_foot.stl and noticed that they are a bit loose.
Scaling to 96-97% of original size did the trick. I can now move around PS4 without legs slipping off.

Stock Ender 3 with PLA

Yeah, I have this information written on the "Thing Details" page. Scale percentage depends on used material and printer calibration.

Missed that :) But thanks cool idea.
I have added soft pads on the bottom to reduce vibration.

I wanted to add rubber pads on the bottom, but I didn't find them in any shop.

You can search on ebay "Rubber Sheet" and use glue to attach.
I have used "Felt Pads" instead. I would use rubber in locations where Foot touches PS4 and Felt Pads for the bottom.

I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your design on Etsy and using a member's photos from one of your makes. If you can please take a minute to report this listing to Etsy. The link to report is at the bottom of the listing page.

Thanks a lot!
I will report it.

I've read over the Creative Commons / non-commercial license.... it really sounds like this shouldn't be legal. But, the user on ETSY seems pretty confident he's legally in the right and states that ETSY supports him in this. His reply was a little off the rails... I assume because I'm not the only one who contacted him about this. I suggested at the very least he could follow the attribution clause and give credit where credit is due.

I think we'll need to research this a bit more to find out if they really are allowed to do this.... you can report it to ETSY and see what they reply. I'll try to find a more concrete answer for us.

I also tried to search more about the CC BY-NC and it looks like he have to provide a link to the license (to this thing on thingiverse). He also can't use my pictures there. And he can't sell that, because it is derivate of my item. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/deed.en

I reported him yesterday, today I received a message that it was removed from ETSY.
But then he send me a message that he is ready to fight this in court.
And after that I received another message from ETSY that he can start sell it again after 10 days and the only option is the court.

Message from ETSY:
On January 16, 2019 you provided Etsy with notice of alleged copyright infringement. We're notifying you that Etsy received the following counter notice, as set forth by the DMCA and our Intellectual Property Policy.
Unless you notify us of an action seeking a court order against the allegedly infringing member, the member may reactivate or repost the material specified in the counter notice in 10 business days, on January 31, 2019.

I also looked at his profile on ETSY and everything what he sells is downloaded from thingiverse.

So I think that I won't upload anything else on Thingiverse(or other sites).

That would be a shame. We shouldn't lose quality contributing members like you for this reason Marcus.

I spoke to him again, this time it was a much calmer productive exchange. I still do not know for sure if there's a legal loop hole that permits this, but there is a decent middle ground to be had here.

He agreed to begin using attribution, as soon as he can confirm it won't negatively affect his business. Now, that may not seem like much of a concession, but, if you think about it, it's a lot. Most of us are either amateur designers, or at least not really using this outlet as our bread and butter (making a living from it). The better you get on here, the more your models get noticed. If you wanted to start making money as a designer, what better advertising than to allow ETSY members to sell and attribute your models. They become your resume, a showcase of your skills. ETSY members can make their living, while advertising our skills for us.

Some may feel very different about this. But, I personally wouldn't mind helping someone make money if they're willing to give us some credit. Who knows, you might find one of those members wants to hire you to design things for them?

I hope I continue to see your models on here Marcus.

Nice catch Iceytee!!

No problem! Someone told me about my designs being ripped off so I am trying to pay it forward to everyone else this guy is stealing from.

Comments deleted.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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these are brilliant. The cooling vents are underneath so if you have the unit horizontal the unit breaks down sooner. So my husband says lol. He's happy that I splashed out on a printer now. Thanks for the design :)

Care to explain what is the point of these? I man, you can use PS4 horizontally just fine without any foots. The vertical foot is just for support. Horizontal doesn't need one. I've used mine for yeas now without anything like this.

My PS4 needed something like this - not for cooling purposes as yes, the fan has that covered; but for my PS4 to stop beeping. I bring around my PS4 on my travels sometimes and somehow, I think I broke the sensor that ejects the disk. Thus, even if there's no one pressing that button, it keeps thinking there are presses, forcing the disk to come out and making that double beep sound to indicate there isnt any disk inside for removing.

I tried removing the plastic 'foot' underneath the sensor, pluck out the transparent piece of plastic on the sensor and even tried taping the sensor as shown as some recommended youtube videos yet nothing worked. It still beeps. I soon figured out that the sensor might have shifted and that the surface underneath the console is actually 'pressing' that sensor.

Now you might think putting the PS4 on vertical fixes the problem. But, I live with two very active cats, very ready to tumble on a vertical standing PS4. So, I need something to make sure that the PS4 remains.. 'afloat', keeping the PS4 stable at a horizontal position and yet, off the surface that nothing touches the sensor

Thus, the feet.

Yeah, you can use PS4 horizontally without foots. But some people in warmer areas have problem with cooling of the PS4 during the summer. Fan makes noise and when is the PS4 too hot it automatically shuts down.

These foots help with cooling it and make PS4 quieter.

On the pictures you can see that I changed the position of air intake on my PS4, so I had to use foots.