Garbage Bag Dispenser

by JAYTEEAU Jan 15, 2018
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thank you very much for replying. that was a genius idea to make.

No problem, I just thought of another change in the last 5 minutes.

The little 'ends' that stop the roll from falling out side to side could actually go all the way to the slot, that way once the roll is in position, it can't move from side to side as the end stops contain it

Cheers, JAYTEE

That's awesome Jayteeau, could it be upscaled to fit 33 or 39 gallon bags that are bought at bulk stores?

Hi Todd,

Yes you can scale it, but my concern would be that the screw holes might scale up too much or be distorted per your requirements

I am considering creating a parametric version where the user types the various dimensions of their bags and a new custom model is generated based on the inputs. That may be a couple of weeks away however

Cheers, JAYTEE

Works great for small bathroom garbage bags, scales nicely too.

Print at 126% scale on all dimensions to fit Glad Force Flex kitchen trash bag as they are both wider rolls and thicker.

Fantastic, great work on the scaling too.

If you could take a pic and upload as an "I made one" that would be awesome

Cheers, JAYTEE

done, haven't mounted them yet though so pics are from my kitchen counter, might end up gifting these and printing a different colored set for myself :)

Awesome thanks

Nice model, printed well. Will elongate the tube to fit larger Glad trashbags.

Excellent. I'm 'glad' you like it. Upload a pic here under the I made one if you can. Cheers, JAYTEE

Im going to make one tonight and post a make

Great, looking forward to the result. remember to print it on it's end without supports, and choose the right one for your purpose. Cheers, JAYTEE

I was just wondering because i worry of the drill holes not printing correctly would i be able to just put supports in the drill holes with siplify3D

I printed mine without supports without issue. The drill holes are so small there should be no issue in creating the overhang required to preserve them. Additionally, the opening where the bag exits has rounded ends to also provide a gradual 'overhang'. If you've ever printed a 3DBenchy you would have seen that the round window and the anchor holes print well. Good luck. Cheers, JAYTEE

Thanks for such a quick reply I will make sure to do that.