Cthulhu Idol Dice Tower

by jegstad Jan 15, 2018
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I am curious about everyones settings here. My Ender 5 Plus has this marked as a 100 hour print at a speed of 40 (which I stick to usually for detail). My support and infill amounts are around 10. Why am I getting such a vastly different timeline?

someone tried with a prusa mk3? in 100 microns, it says around 2 days of print just want to make sure lol.

Does anyone have an STL that worked for them with supports? I tried Cura and the supports were too thin and broke when the first few layers of the top overhand started, the tentacles bottom edges couldn't hold on the thin supports. I decided to try to salvage it by cutting the model at those bottom tentacles (the bottom of the top of the overhand) but then the really small parts of the bottom of the tentacles wouldn't stick and lifted off. I'm willing to do a lot of cleanup of supports if I can get supports that would hold up in printing (and not fill up the inside of the tower)

This is my first big 3d print and I have some doubts at the time of preparing it for printing... It obviusly need the supports (I think) but, If i put the option to put the supports then wont appear supports even inside the dice tower, making it useless?
Is there a way of putting supports JUST in the ending hole?
PD: I use cura and have a Ender 3

You are correct that you just want support on the upper edge of the hole where the dice will exit. You need to place custom supports. If you want to stick with Cura, Meshmixer is probably your simplest route. https://www.prusaprinters.org/how-to-create-custom-overhang-supports-in-meshmixer/

Any chance of posting this in multiple pieces? My printer can not handle a print this large. I am having trouble splitting it in Fusion360

Check out the remixes of this model - user Lothmak did a multi-part remix. If that doesn't work for you I suggest using Meshmixer to split .STL models as appropriate for your print area. If you don't know Meshmixer search Youtube for 'makers muse meshmixer' for some good intro videos on the software.

Perfect, thanks for the info and reply

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Awesome dice tower! What software did you use to modify Kubold's Cthulhu idol?

Thanks! I imported the idol into Fusion 360, scaled it up, designed the internal channel, then exported both as stl’s and used meshmixer to subtract the channel from the idol and clean up the mesh.

So what does the script say?

So I made the tower, and my dice go everywhere. I was thinking of doing a ring of tentacles, or cultists to surround the tower. I had a look on for Things but could not see anything. What do you use to keep the dice from exploring too much?

Same here, that's my only complaint about this design, a platform with a fence of tentacles or something would be awesome

Hi there. Some of the bridging didn’t go well...any advise to avoid this (I will be printing more :)). Thanks!!!

You need supports for the exit hole.

Doh! Well, it looks recoverable and i can tidy it up with a 3D pen. I now need to learn about supports. Thanks for the response.

This is sick! I got this queued up right now - any advice for that paint job you did? It looks like it might be a little hard to hit it with XTC due to all the curves.

This one was primed, then a couple thick base coats of black acrylic to mostly seal the print lines, then greens, blues, and silvers dabbed on the higher areas with a foam brush; almost dry brushing. Just layered on color until it looked suitably like something old.

I wanted to print this for Eldritch Horror which uses 12mm dice. I assume this is made for 16mm dice so I can safely scale down to 75%?

I eyeballed it in the slicer at 75% alongside a 12mm sphere and it looks like that should work fine.

How big is the opening? I have to scale this down 10% if I want to print it.

The opening is about 29mm from the bottom to the tips of the where the feet project into the opening.

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Any suggestions for supports or resolution? Does it require supports?

Did you print one?

It needs supports under the front of the dice exit hole, but IIRC it doesn't need them anywhere else. I've only printed them at .2 mm resolution.