by m3lvm Jan 15, 2018
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Any idea if this will mount on a Tronxy X1?

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What's the best way to have a BL Touch, blower fan, and x end stop on the left side? Or if I want the end stop do I not get to have a parts cooler on the left side? Thanks in advance for any pointers!

The right fanducts aren't there ... Only 11 files but none of them are for the right side

Yes it is think about it. You mirror the part.

Where do you put the X stop, please?

Have moded the mount to accept the endstop origionally you had to use the origional x mount

will this work with an e3d volcano kit?

and also is the adjustability of the fan mounts able to blow air to the lower nozzle height of the volcano?

So I do not get it how it is fixed. For me, the two screw heads are too big of the sled. Where are the other bodies made on the sled? In the pictures you have others with a collar behind it.

I have installed on my printer with no issue I will check the files work permitting to find the files I used and upload

I've been printing out parts for this and realized that the top clamp can't possibly fit on an X5S as is because it doesn't have a gap for the part that holds the end of the towline.

The protruded part of that piece needs to have about a 20mm gap in the center.

Any chance you could do a dual E3D V6 mount?

I have one and plan on ordering another. In the mean time I printed the mount, fan guard, left BL touch fan mount, and right fan mount and they all printed beautifully, even without supports! Thank you!

There is an issue with one of the STL files, the e3dmount.stl file imports into simplify 3d like the attached image with a piece of the mount detached and floating in space behind the mount.

Split the parts using cura. Use a older version, i use cura 14.xx

Could you add the mount for the Volcano?


Can this be printed using PLA? Will the heat from the end cause it to slowly melt?

can someone tell me where i put X endstop

As you are using the original x carriage the x endstop is as is

can you explain to me how in the world this e3d v6 mount mounts to X Carriage of the X5S?
I see no way to run the 4mm screws through, for the track wheels on the upper portion and if the heads of the screws are to fit behind the mount, the recesses in the mount are to small for a 4mm screw head. Also what is the hole on the left side of the mount next to the hole for the e3d cover plate for?
it would be nice if you had pictures of the mount without all the accessories attached so we can see the way you did this.

The e3d mounts to the carriage the wheels are bolted to, use the original fixing points for the hot end.using the 2bottom holes .
The hooks at the top stabalise it by hooking over the origional metal carriage with the v wheels attaached...

Yes but there was so little recess for the v wheel bolts, the fingers or hooks at the top broke when I put it on and tried to slide it down over the screws heads. I think it would have been better to have made the mount wider and incorporated the v wheel bolts through the mount.

Will have a look at the design and see what can be done to rectify, might have to make the hook taller then make it bolt on. The issue with the v wheel bolts is they are inline with the attachment mounts.
By altering the hook means you can omit if you think its not required. Will look into it tomorrow

That would be great.
I even had to grind down the heads of the bolts just to get it to slip on but then broke the tab anyway.
Might be okay to have a mount eliminating the hooks if you are not planning to use the add on accessories. Then bolt through the the mount for the v wheels.
I only wanted the mount and maybe the BL touch. But I can incorporate the touch with a fang parts fan that I already have.

I have just managed to mount the original printed part on my x5s without issues Did you remove the brass spacers

well of course I did. Ended up using another source.

Hi m3lvm, do you know if the bolt pattern on the ed3 mount will fit directly on the original X5S mount ?, thank you for your reply.


thank you very much for your kind and helpful reply, it's truly appreciated.

Best Regards