Akira Class Fixed for print

by Printformers Jan 17, 2018
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I have tried two versions of this model. All prints well until it gets to tops of the catamarans. Then it prints weapons pod well.

Can you show the problem on a pic?

This came out well. Mines about the size of the smaller ship in the pic with two. I can still see the details when shrunken down but any smaller it would probably fade. First starship I made so far on this printer. It's a sweet looking ship. One of my fav Trek ships.

I have printed this model three times now. The first one failed and I tossed it 1/3 of the way in as there was a layer where I thought the PLA was not being extruded. The next two models I printed through and they had bad layers in exactly the same places. I have not had time to explore the file to see if there is a glitch in the STL or some such... but I can't imagine the printer failing in exactly the same place each time.

Otherwise as FINE model!

this does look strange. I think it may be because of the conversion that zortrax z-suite does to OBJ files and it may fix some things so I will save it to STL ans upload it. Sorry for the problems

No worries!! I can putty that up in no time. Great model.

New files are up :) perhaps they will not have this error

Thanks. I will try it out.

Any chance you could export the file in .stl format?

STL and a light obj file is there the mesh is about the same but the saving method is different and more universal.

Yes I will prepare it later today, I will also upload a second version with separate nacelle parts.

This makes me spectacularly happy. Thank you very, very much for creating this.
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in your future work. --Larry Dixon, www.gryphonking.com

I also have some things I'd like modelled; may I ask about your rates in messages/email? Thank you!

Yes, we need more valid Starfleet models!

Thank you :) I will work on the Sabre or Nebula next

How did you fix the mesh if I might ask? I have a similar ship I dream of making from a similar file. Great work!

Thank you. I work on a program called Maya everyday and I find it a good tool for editing. It is more for animation but the latest version has improved Boolean operations. I manually select and Boolean objects and when the operations is impossible(errors) I inspect the part for wrong mesh. There where some floating faces in the phaser emitters as well as nacelles and the bridge. I remodel the wrong parts and perform the Boolean until everything is one solid piece. It is not very complicated and basically is a brute force method but I did not find any automatic process that gives me the edge flow and the detail that I prefer at the end.