by araymbox Jan 20, 2018
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hey araymbox!
I just finished printing this gamepi .. I happened to have an Elecrow 5 inch sitting around for a pi in an acrylic case with a usb controller for emulation.
thanks for the parts list, I'm excited to get started on this thing and ur other versions when I get some funds.

quick question
what screws did you use to keep this thing together ? do u have any extra instructions or small hardware recommendations? looks like there's some small spaces for nuts in this thing to hold it together, any extra advice u could give or measurements would be great,
thanks mike

never mind I found most of the info I need on the intractable for the second version! wish me luck

Thanks for the great design man. Love this thing!

Hi! Awesome Job.
Do you have any documents for the wireing? I have no Idea how to connect everything :D

How long does the battery last?

The battery runtime depends on the emulator you are using - more processing power = less battery,
Playing a SNES game the battery lasts around 5 hours.
Playing a PSX game the battery lasts around 3-4 hours.

The wiring of the battery, display and sound is basically plug-and-play (usb, gpio pins, audio jack). The control buttons are connected to the unused gpio pins. The push events are handled by retrogame ( https://learn.adafruit.com/retro-gaming-with-raspberry-pi ).

All in all it's quite a simple build.

I'd much prefer the stereo jack on the bottom of the console.

Since you can run Kodi and watch movies on this device I wanted it to be able to stand upright.

I would like to build this with additional analog stick.. looking pictures it might be very possible given the free space on the sides. Anyone have suggestions on good sticks ?

Man thats awesome, will get my screen and other parts shortly, and start building up !

I'm waiting for a Teensy LC and will use it with some cheap analog sticks in the second version of this console. Gonna link the new version here when it's done.

great job!! its the red that caught my eyes.

thanks. the next one will be some kind of worn-out-industrial-construction-black-yellowish