Smartphone tripod

by NOP21 Jan 17, 2018
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Great design! I'm starting to warm my printer :)) Printed with ABS or PLA?

I don't seem to be able to print the gears without bad zits on them.

J'ai imprimé les pièces, mais ne trouve pas où se mettent les rondelles 20 et 2?

Bonjour, normalement tout est indiqué dans la vidéo.

I noticed one metal screw there. What size and length screw and possible nut size isn there? Just started printing it now.

Is this 100% printed or do you need other parts (screws/washers/etc.) to build this? If so what do you need? This model is beautiful by the way thanks for providing it to us!

He lists 2x m3 screws.

Is there a standard camera mount for this build?

Non désolé

stl files is not waterlight. why?


Mon imprimante est un peu moins précise que la UltiMaker. J'aimerais pouvoir modifier les pièces pour augmenter le jeu entre elles, car beaucoup sont trop serrées. Pouvez vous me transmettre les fichier CAO originels, ou ceux en .step ? Je pourrais vous les renvoyer modifié si jamais vous souhaitez les partager avec ceux qui ont comme moi une imprimante mois haut de gamme.

Félicitions pour le design !


Excuse moi, pourriez vous expliquer comment vous l'assemblez? Je peux pas faire bouger les jambes, j'ai tout imprimé.

  • I cannot move the gears at all when already assambled.

Tout est vraiment très simple, il y à une vidéo des photos, je ne vois pas que dire de plus. Désolé

Je vois merci, quel dommash

Comments deleted.

Hello everyone, first thanks to the creator this incredible tripie and second need help since the large piece of the legs is at an angle and does not stick well with the bed and when printing the filament is flying and becomes balls and the piece is not , so if someone can give me the corrected piece, since I have not been able to modify it myself or as they did to print it, they are the last pieces that I need to finish the tripie, thanks and regards

En utilisant le logiciel Cura, aucun problème, il colle automatiquement la face sur le plan de travail.
Merci, bonne journée

Can someone share the best orientation to print the leg pieces?

Salut ! Un mode d'emploi ?

I'm afraid my obsessional traits got the better of me. I just couldn't bear having 49 teeth on the main drive gear and the resulting slight misalignment of the three legs.
So I have redesigned it with 48 teeth and now it works better and I can sleep again at night :)

I'm totally agree with you. This beautiful thing works better with your gear. Thank you!

Traducción de la lista de materiales en Español:
Soporte de teléfono inteligente, tabletas.
Smartphone Samsung S7, S8, Note 8, tableta de 7 "y 10"
Iphone todos los tipos
Otras marcas también.
Para los modelos más grandes, kit de extensión.
Estilo Robot, divertido de montar.

Soporte de teléfono inteligente, tabletas.
Smartphone Samsung S7, S8, Note 8, tableta de 7 "y 10"
Iphone todos los tipos
Otras marcas también.
Estilo Robot, divertido de montar.
Para los modelos más grandes, kit de extensión.

3 x skate
3 x eje de patín
3 x tercera pierna
6 x nuez B
3 x tornillo de sujeción C
3 x segunda pierna MOD
3 x tornillo de sujeción B
3 x primera pierna MOD
4 x tuerca A
3 x tornillo de sujeción A
3 x engranaje de la pierna
1 x cubo central
1 piñón de transmisión
1 x soporte giratorio B
1 x soporte giratorio A
1 x arandela 20
1 x clip de eje central grande
1 x tornillo de fijación D
1 x llave
1 x titular del teléfono inteligente A
1 x soporte para smartphone B
1 x arandela 10
2 x soporte de eje deslizante
1 x pin
1 x tuerca M8
1 x clips de tornillo M8
1 x tornillos de fijación M8
1 x arandela 2

1 x soporte de tableta 7
Extensión de soporte de eje deslizante de 2 x
1 x espaciador de tuerca M8

2 tornillos de acero M3 x 16 mm

Vraiment bravo

Une photo ?

Comments deleted.

Superbe design, beau et pratique !
Est-ce que vous pensez sortir un adaptateur pour appareil photo? Ca pourrait être top :)

Merci beaucoup
Non pas pour le moment

This tripod is suitable for huawei p8 lite ??

Je pense que oui, du smartphone à la tablette.

I translated the model names to English. I used google translate, so might be a bit rough.

Thank you so much! Also, there's a spelling error on the first part.

Also, could you perhaps reupload it with the names with X3 for example for the parts that needs more than one? The bottom comment of the author also numbered how many was needed, but didn't translate correctly.

He has uploaded this same design to cults3d and there he has stated how many of each part you need.
The list is in the description of the part page.
The link is: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/smartphone-tripod
That is what I used to get the right amount of parts.

I have just realised that the main drive gear has 49 teeth. This seems an unusual choice because it is not divisible by 3.
The main consequence of this is that it is not possible to open the legs to exactly the same angle.
Would it be possible to have a drive gear with 48 teeth?

The small pinion on the leg is adjustable and rotates from the desired angle to mounting. No incidence the number of teeth. Have a good day

Je ne crois pas.
The small pinion is absolutely fixed to the leg by the engaged teeth and its axle - no adjustment is possible except by moving to the next tooth. I have already aligned the legs as close as I can using the best available tooth on each leg.
Have a look at these two pictures. The nearest leg is absolutely horizontal. In one picture you can see the the right rear leg points down. In the other picture the left rear leg points up.
Does yours do this too?
Merci pour ton intérêt.

Votre qualité d'impression est super !

Honnêtement je ne vois pas où est le problème. Vous avez toujours trois points du plan et la possibilité de bouger le phone dans tous les sens. C'est chercher des problèmes là où il n'y en a pas. Désolé. Bonne journée.

Pas de problème. Je suis juste difficile! :)

Hehe, c'est tout à votre honneur. Merci

Excellent design. Thank you for sharing. I have well-tuned printers and found that the parts fitted together very well.
Just two pieces of advice to share.
1) Use a high perimeter count and/or infill percentage on most pieces. Some of my parts broke when I used 2 perimeters and 20% infill. I reprinted them at 80% infill and they were fine.
2) The m8 screw was too tight to turn in the m8 nut. I couldn't use the horizontal size expansion feature in Simplify3D because the nut would then not have fitted in the smartphone holder piece. So I edited the nut in Blender. I selected all of the innermost vertices in the hole using Circle select. Then I scaled those vertices in X and Y (but not Z) by a factor of 1.05 to make the hole larger. Worked great for me!

What a fantastic design !

Merci beaucoup

I printed it on the Ultimaker 2+ but some parts are too tight and stick together making this thing useless. So do yourself a favor and perform some test prints before you go on and print all parts. I threw mine away and wasted a lot of filament (and printing time) :(

I Printed this on my A8.... several times, after modifying parts several times. My printer is well calibrated, not perfect but very close to accurate. I printed the leg pieces several times, always had issues with the holes on one end partially collapsing on all three different leg pieces (using PLA and PETG at various temps), and even after modifying them so they'd hold up better while printing, I ran into issues where several parts simply didn't fit inside each other well, or didn't line up correctly. I modified more than half the files to make things fit, but just now after my ninth printing of leg parts thinking I finally got it, I see the small gears that go on the top of each leg are actually a couple millimeters too big so the holes don't line up again.

I've wasted nearly a roll of filament trying to make this thing work and more than a few nights of tweaking the objects to make them fit better. I'm done wasting time on this. I like the stand, I think it's actually pretty cool and I like the gear action. I just can't get it to print and fit together like it should.

Bonjour, désolé pour vous. Ce que je peux vous dire c'est que j'ai fait deux tripod , l'un en blanc l'autre en gris, en PLA, je n'ai eu aucun problème. Vous pouvez voir aussi que certains autres l'ont fait également. C'est sur qu'il faut une imprimante de précision.

I did not have any problem personally with my ultimaker 2Go printer. All big parts come out well. Care should be taken for screws and nuts. Of course adjust the temperature for each piece as well as the speed.

Very nice design.
Printing all parts right now but struggling with "deuxième jambe MOD" .
Unable to lay it flat on the heatbed.
Either its laying on one or the other side for a bit of mm.
Wondering how you guys did.
Thanks for any help or recommandation.

Ah OK understood, I use cura that allows to lay flat on the board. Free software and really extra.
Traduction Google

solved. Got it!!
Thanks for the nice design.
Appreciate much.

Can you explain how did you solve it? I'm having the same problem, also I'm using CURA.

BTW NOP21 Thanks for the great design. I can't wait to assembly it.

Bonjour, excellent travail. J'ai un problème pour imprimer la première étape parce que ce n'est pas conforme au plan et que les crochets n'aident pas. Devrais-je faire une compensation x / y pour imprimer les écrous et les boulons?

Merci bonjour
Sur quelle pièce avez-vous un problème?
Normalement il n'y a pas besoin de compenser.
Réglez peut être votre température.
Tenez moi au courant.
Bonne journée

Dans la première jambe. Cette pièce n'a pas la base affleurant le plan de la table et quand elle arrive au bord gauche l'impression est faite dans l'air. J'ai réussi à améliorer un peu, y compris une couche de radeau, mais il est difficile de nettoyer la pièce plus tard. En tout cas, c'est un excellent travail. Je vais le présenter à mes filles. Merci.

Normalement à plat sur plateau. J'utilise cura qui permet de mettre à plat sur le plateau.
Bonne journée

bonjour quelle taux de remplissage utilisez vous merci ?

hello what fill rate do you use thank you?

Bonjour, pour les vis et écrous 100 %, pour les autres pièces 60%. Faut pas être pressés. Ne pas hésiter à doubler les pièces sur plateau pour laisser le temps de refroidir, pour la vis M8 par exemple.
Il faut faire des essais.
Bonne impression

franchement vous avez fait un superbe travail encore bravo je suis sur le cul^^ j'ai une tablette Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 , Pensez-vous que ma tablette pourra rentrer dedans ?
Largeur 24,73 cm
Hauteur 17,73 cm
Epaisseur 0,66 cm
merci pour votre reponse :-)

Yes normalement pas de problème, sur la vidéo ma tablette 10 " apparaît.
Il faut utiliser le kit rallonge par contre.

ok merci bien :-)

impression en cours sur une dagoma discoeasy et pour le moment RAS. jolie travail. merci ^^

Sympa merci.

havent you tought on a bigger version for DSLR cameras?? this desing is greath, but a little small :D

Excellent design, had some trouble with "vis de fixation M8", it's a bit too thick and it snaps when you try to tighten the smartphone support.

Yes I know too, I changed the temperature to avoid deformations. Thank you

Really nice work! Printing it right now. How much time did it take to design this? Thanks!

With printing and correction and study a month quietly.

This is amazing. This should absolutely get featured!

pareil !! :-) impression en cours.

Vivement les photos cool.
Une astuce, pour augmenter le frottement et soulager les vis de serrage, j'ai mis du scotch de masquage sur les deux petites faces. Je mettrais des photos demain. On le voit un peu dans la vidéo. Ça bloque vraiment la rotation sans forcer sur les vis.

Very nice design. Thumbs up.Thank's.

Thank you. I had fun doing it.

Why make a simple smartphone holder when you can make THIS?!!!!

Fantastic!...... I'll have to print one for my tweeny <3

Great. Just excellent! Congratulations!

Sympa merci

Merci beaucoup

I follow you on YT and I must say you rock!
Do you have BOM for this build, I would like to print one :)

3 x patin
3 x axe de patin
3 x troisième jambe
6 x écrou B
3 x vis de serrage C
3 x deuxième jambe MOD
3 x vis de serrage B
3 x première jambe MOD
4 x écrou A
3 x vis de serrage A
3 x pignon de jambe
1 x moyeu central
1 x pignon entrainement
1 x support pivotant B
1 x support pivotant A
1 x rondelle 20
1 x clip gros axe central
1 x vis de serrage D
1 x clé
1 x support smartphone A
1 x support smartphone B
1 x rondelle 10
2 x axe glissière support
1 x goupille
1 x écrou M8
1 x clips vis M8
1 x vis de fixation M8
1 x rondelle 2

1 x support tablette 7
2 x axe glissière support rallonge
1 x écrou M8 entretoise

  • 2 vis acier M3 x 16 mm

Could you please translate the names? :) The guy up there translated them, but didn't add how many of each it should have.

You are the best!
I will post pics as soon as I print it out :)

Thank you very much, nice.

OK, thanks, I'll do the nomenclature tomorrow. It's actually fairly easy.