Tevo Tornado Spool Holder (Top Left Corner) For both "Gold" and Older Tevo Tornado model

by Godspeeeeed Jan 18, 2018
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2/2/2019 - printed it.... A number of issues... Won't fit the New/Gold tornado as is.

  1. The two hex holes on top - The first screw is 19mm from the edge, the second screw is 19mm from that. Measured to the centers of the holes.

  2. The tolerance of the pieces that slide over the 2020 are to tight. I removed the top 2020 rail and slide it over from the end.... but only with the help of a heat gun to soften the plastic and hammer to gently tap it on. I suggest you remove 1mm on all the parts that fit in the groove and increase the vertical distance of the C shaped part by 1mm.

  3. The part that is at the corner is a weak point and flexes quite a bit... I'd add a strap that comes down the front and attaches to the tab that sticks into the side of the 2020...

  4. The top plate that stabilizes the Z screw is 4mm thick. You allowed only 2mm... You need to increase the thickness of the top portion to 7mm, then raise the cut out for the top plate to 4mm. You allow 58mm wide for the top plate, it is only 48mm... it doesn't hurt for it to be wider, but I'd leave it at 50mm.

I printed from PLA with 40% infill and top/bottom/side thickness's of 1.2mm, the part is very strong except for the corner mentioned above.

I'll give you a few days, if you comment back that you are correcting I'll wait on you before I just model the whole thing from scratch in openscad.

Sorry for the late reply. Have been too busy recently. I will be looking into it tonight.

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Hi, Is there a new version as suggested by @robbob2112 since I also has the New/Gold Tornado and wasted filament on the build?

Comments deleted.

Modeled the whole thing in openscad and uploaded new STL file (yes, I credited this as the source) --

Running a test print now, will update when done and it fits


Tevo Tornado gold 2018 spool holder

I think I have everything worked out now - printed the whole thing last night and needed to move a couple of the holes and add a couple of manual supports -

Printed it and everything is good now. The whole process taught me a lot and hats off to godspeeeeed for his original effort, it isn't as easy as it looks.

If you have a gold tevo tornado look at that.

i have printed it and tested it on my tornado 2018, had to adjust it a bit due to a print error, but there is a conflict between the holder and the Z-axis, it will reduce the maximum printing height. i have also found it an issue to stacking filament on the top of the printer. The angle between the spool and the extractor is not good, the extractor gets damaged by the angle of the filament.

Note to self: read comments before wasting 20 hours again.

New model not fit to new Tornado...

hi i can't do anything if there are no information on what doesn't fit.

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What is the thickness of the z-rod holder on the 2020 extrusion?

Hey there, Godspeeeeed. The Metal z-rod holder is 4mm thick. The fit didn't work, as reported by the others.

The fit seems too tight in the beam area as well. It technically fits, but it's almost an interference fit in the top part. Fitting the part without bending/breaking is really hard/improbable.

Let me know if you need any other measurements. I've got the new (copper) Tornado.

hi it will be great if you can some pictures and some measurements indicated in the picture itself.most importantly is the thickness of the z rod holder plate and its position relative to the edge of the 2040 extrusion.

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Sure thing. Here are some pictures of the setup. I believe every measurement could be rounded to the nearest integer, considering they're standard profiles.

I took pictures of the holder plate, the profile gap for the column, the longer part of the column, and the beam's cross section. I hope this is enough. Let me know if you need any more pictures.

Thanks for the pictures. I will come up with a newer version over the weekend.

Dear Julian, i have uploaded a modified version for the new tevo. Please try and let me know if it works.

Hello everyone,

I am reviewing this superbly designed Spool Holder by "Godspeeeeed" because it's not compatible with the new version of the TEVO Tornado available since early 2018.

Be patient. I am new in 3D modeling (I use Tinkercad), and it takes time ;) - If I have permission of the original designer "Godspeeeeed" to upload the modified file, I would not fail to tell you ;)

I really like this design but not sure if mine is a "New" or old version.How can I tell?

WISH i HAD READ ALL THESE COMMENTS BEFORE PRINTING. Unless you have an old Tevo Tornado this thing is crap. It won't fit. Nice useless paperweight

Just made some caps for this spoolholder for a little bling: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2907866

caps and bling for 2 types of spoolholder
by Coat

It would also be a lot nicer if the flared parts on each side of the spool were to be 45mm in diameter. I've had problems with small flared spool holders having the spool slip off of the holder during printing.

I was wondering why I couldn't get mine on...I wasso excited to use this, but I have the NEW TEVO TORNADO.... Is there a NEWER version out there?

Hi there. I will need more measurements before I can create another version for the newer Tornado model. If someone can take a closer picture from the top as well as from the front and indicate the dimension. That will be of great help!

Hi can I have the thickness of the CNC plate?

48 mm length, 4 mm height + the bolt head rises by 2 mm

Printed 2 of these. Both snapped while installing (carefully). I even leveled the bottom hook flat with a dremel, but still snapped on top. I ended up supporting the snap with Gorilla Tape, while I printed a different holder that uses M5 screws. Good looking design, but I think screws and T-Nuts would totally improve this holder.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to redesign it with a screws and T-nuts set up! Cheers!

Have you redesigned a new version of this spool holder for the newest Tornado?

Hi yes its up there now.

Does not fit the Tevo tornado with green screw axis support in the top left corner.....

nice design and pints well though

Not sure whether adding some greese will actually make it easier for the part to be turned and snapped on.

I couldn't get it to clip on without breaking printed in PLA. Great design except for that detail, I just forced it on then taped it in place, but it's sagging so much I'm looking for a different top mount spool holder.

I was afraid that vibration on complex parts might have been unraveling the spool but it hasn't been an issue the last 15 hours of print so... maybe it was nothing (or maybe it happens with heavier still-full 1kg spools). Still, the spool doesn't clear the Z-Axis. ...not that I print that high but yeah, kind of a deal breaker.

I really need to get a photo for this, but you did an outstanding job. This looks really good on Tevo Tornado. Thank you for sharing this spool holder.

thank you for your kind cimment!

I don't understand it. I tried to print this twice. It alwas came out the wrong way around...

It seems that your print out is being mirrored.

Doesn't allow the spool to clear the Z axis. Printed in PC and it flexes too much. Nice idea but just needs to be beefed up and longer.

Sure I will make a variant with nuts.

Thank you so much :)

Hi thank you for your great work :)

can you create a version for nuts too?
3/4 prints broke while snapping on my printer.
Maybe petg is not the right material for the holder.

Mine broke too with PLA. The part that wraps around the 2020 extrusion might need a little re-design or call out a more forgiving plastic to use but still sturdy enough to hold a full roll. Maybe a 2 part build where the clip is bolted/clips together and the spool rod is threaded onto the mount?

Just curious how difficult this has been to snap on for others. Printed mine at 50% infill and the print came out really nicely. Went to snap it on and had a hell of a time. Ended up snapping the bottom lip a little. Trying to super glue and give it another go to get it on the frame.

Great design just wondering how easily people are getting it on the frame.

My print setting are 40% infill and 3 parameters. As for snapping it, it takes a bit to get use to for the first time. As you have to rotate the spool holder at a 45 degree angle and allow the longer edge of the snap on part to get in the V-slot. After which you have to rotate it upwards. This is where it gets a bit tricky as usually the print will flex slightly before settling in position.

It cracked when installing but is holding the spool and I think I will leave it as is for now.

I just printed mine with PLA at 40% and I snapped it in half trying to snap it on. I might remove the screws and slide it on if I try to print it again.