Dwarf Palidin Mini

by chocoman88 Jan 18, 2018
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Have you gotten this to print? My last print had so many supports on it i broke half the details removing them, what kind of supports did you use for it?

Sorry about never responding! I live in the woods with bad reception and have a crazy busy schedule for certain times of the year. Excuse given.

My first print was successful BUT, I print at .06 layer height, 100% infill with lots of have support. I also use eSun pla+ for all my minis now because it's great. I know with blender I've had scaling issues depending on what file type I export as, and I can't remember if there were problems like that with this model. I also don't have the one I printed as it was a gift But there is a blurry evidence that I did it in the photos for my tabaxi. This guy is in the background.

Also this was originally a file from a video game and they often have bits of clothes made of single panes instead of 3d shapes. Most printers skip those. I'm getting better as I learn but I really have no 3d editing experience except from the models I've posted and the ones I'm working on. Sorry for any frustration.

Aha no problem, it seemed like it wasn't really designed to be 3D printed. I made a verison with tree supports that makes it easier to print. In the end it got me to try and work with them ;).

I second this, already broke two models.

Hey Joey, I got this to print, it's not perfect, but it got pretty close, I blame the lack of detail on my having printed it on a fast speed and large layers because I was in a hurry

Here's what I did, I scaled it up 400%, rotated it 90 degrees on it's back then 30 degrees on it's original X axis. that gets the shield straight and on it's side and the hammer edge at about the same height as the shield top, Support everywhere at a density of 12% first layer of 15 I printer with a brim, but the back edge of my base got messed up, so use a raft instead.

25mm speed and 0.8 layers should do it, I used 40mm and 0.15 layers, that's why it lost some of the details
printed on white PLA at 190 with travel at 80 which made a bit of stringing, I fixed that by going 205 on the temp and 200 on travel speed, with a 60 heated bed

I broke the hammer on mine, but that was because my hand slipped, not because of the supports

give it a try and let me know.

I was able to print it using tree supports. I've posted it as a remix ^^ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3083223

Dwarf Paladin Mini Tree supports
by Joey_3D

Dude! that is beautiul! I'm printing mine again, those tree supports, did you add them yourself? made them with some slicer?

Thanks, you can generate those with meshmixer, it takes a little time and sometimes some trial and error with complex models like this one.

Thanks for your detailed reply and pictures. I might look into printing it like that. If i would i would prob cut off the base, as printing a circle like that cant be done, well the lower 1/4 cant be printed. I was thinking about adding tree structure supports to it.