Z Axis bar wire guide With optional LED LIGHT RAIL.. Take the wires off your Bowden tube. For CR10, Ender2&3,Tornado,Michelangelo and U10

by dpetsel Jan 19, 2018
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The M5 version has the hole too close to the support arm. The head of an M5 Button Head Cap Screw will not allow to be inserted. I could use a different type of bolt/screw ... but the hole is still really close. Will probably end up remixing.

this works wonderfully to keep my hot end wires from rubbing the bed. Not everyone wants a cable chain on everything.

What orientation should the indirect bar for the Ender 3 be printed in?

How do you attach to a cr-10? The spare screws are way to short... suggestions??

I print on a mirror on my Ender 3 so I mounted the IndirectLightRailEnder23_5.6.stl on the top, horizontal bar on my printer. That way I don't oversaturate the camera.

How would you mount this on a Creality Ender 3?

Two m4 bolts, two m4 T nuts, you may have spares with printer.

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Thank you for this! I desperately needed it. Not just to decouple the PTFE from the power cable, but also because my power cable kept moving and scraping against my Y motor and belt (I know there are other solutions to this, but this seemed to solve it much more quickly).

Not sure which files I need for an Ender 3 Pro? I don't need the light, just need to hold the wires. It came with 5mm T nuts.

NVM found it, Just print Z_Hanger_4mm nut etc for the size of bolt and Tnut/hammerhead. I think spares are 4mm.
Oh well here goes I'll soon find out lmao.

Thanks for checking. I still haven't done this. Any more details or is what you said still correct?

All the Z arms are the all same design just different sized holes to accommodate the hardware (t-nuts) you happen to have on hand. The arm by itself will fit any printer that uses the aluminum rail type of extrusion. like your Ender.

Did you figure this? It needs a parts list by printer lol

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This is one of the best mods you can do for your ender. FREE THE BOWDEN TUBES!

Thanks for creating this. I'm new to 3D printing so I apologize but which files do I need for an Ender 3, and do I need to purchase additional hardware? Thanks again

How the light is powered? Thanks

Thanks Dave, appreciate it!

Sorry to be a pain...Which file is it for the Ender 3 light bar? I have the wire guide printed and working already. Thanks.

I use this one printed in white to give a nice soft indirect light.
You can see the light it puts off in this Ender 3 video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ8K_BcBwAE

Thanks for the post. Cables now tidy and secure and I can see my work in progress too :)

Maybe it wasn't compiled yet. Here you go.

Merci beaucoup mais la parti que je souhaiterais printer est dans la capture d'écran que je vous joint, c'est la pièce Blanche le bras qui supporte les câbles électriques , Merci d'avance

Impossible de dézipper le fichier pour fair un support pour ma Ender-3 :( triste je suis .

Maybe it wasn't compiled yet. Here you go.

Just a heads up for future people that use this that M4-16 is just barely too long and will grind into the extrusion, if you care about that (but itll still work). M4-12 is juust barely long enough.

Otherwise, great design and thanks for sharing!

Could you put a washer in at the head of the machine screw--effectively shortening the length of available threaded screw--to keep it from tangling with the extrusion?

Yes that would work. Or try one of the clip on remixes if you haven't printed yet

Thanks for confirming

Hey Dave, do you think you could create a version of the wire guide that works with the Titan mounted on it's side (photo attached)? The path of the cables put it directly underneath the Titan hobbed gear and I have to leave enough slack for it to droop below; and I have it so far towards the center of the bed then I can't use the LED light rail. It measures 110mm from the bar to the "top" of the Titan including the screws.

Can you send me a couple more pics? More from the front so I can get an Idea. With the mirror and your angle of pic I can't really see what you need? Also what machine is it for?

I have the same setup as MrMitch and I was wondering if you were ever able to resolve this?

I uploaded a new stl for dual extruder based on Mitch's pictures. Try it and let me know if it works for you. I moves it out and down.

Sorry it took me a bit to get this printed, but it works GREAT!! Cables are now behind the extruder and out of the way and my bowden tube no longer has anything taped onto it. I don't have a dual extruder setup, but it works for a single titan extruder! Only problem for me is that I do not have any 4mmx12mm screws and I had to countersink the holes so I could use 4mmx10mm screws w/t-nuts. Thanks again!!

Will do, I will report back as soon as it's printed, and thank you :)

It's for a CR-10S. I've moved the wire guide where it should be positioned and took more pictures from most of the angles.

How long should the screws be to hold the arm on the Z axis? (for an ender 3)

Can you suggest the type of led lights and connectors I would need to use for my ender 3?

This is just a suggestion. There are several solutions. This is just my solution. I didn't want to buy a string of 24v leds. I bought a string of 12v led's from Amazon and used the 12v connector that came with it. I just plug it in when I print. It does not have to use any power from the PSU. If I want to add led's anywhere else I can just wire them into the original connection and still use the 12v transformer that came with the string.

Thanks! That is a good idea and I think I will do the same. I printed the light bar in glow-in-the-dark PLA. That should make a cool effect. The parts printed out great! Thank you.

wich one works for the Ender 3 ?

All the Z rail wire brackets 3,4,5mm will work with the Ender 3


do you think it's good idea to add webcam holder like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2562736 here?

Tevo Tornado MULTI Camera Mount Z axis for Pi Cam Logitech c270 c310 c920 9000

I had one like that. Didn't like it because the videos show your part moving.
So I designed this one.
It moves with the bed and looks like everything else is moving and your print appears stationery.
Check out my Youtube videos taken with this mount.
https://youtu.be/iAvGFf4HPbw or this https://youtu.be/vFoMTuBLEQM
I have a lot of vid samples on my channel.

What screw lengths are needed for this support?

Anyone knows of any diffuser add on I can use for this LED bar add on? The direct reflection of the leds on a mirror bed is too harsh.

I turn the brightness down on my camera. Initially I installed a plastic lens out of a cheap pair of sunglasses over the camera lens. I have been working on an indirect lighting version. It probably needs to be printed in white for the best reflection. I'm going to print a prototype when my white filament gets here. You mount the lights inside against the part that bolts to your rail and let them reflect off of the diffuser. I have included the file if you want to try it.

Thanks. I do have some transparent filament might be good for this use - my LED strip is of the very bright 2835 variant. Transparent will most probably illuminate the back of the printer and reflect some to the plate.

However, I'm using it for my Ender 3, so I'm using the Ender 2 lighting rail dimensions. Could I trouble you for an stl for the Ender instead?

Try the file I put up for the Ender. I put a small rail that is 10mm from the base. Should allow one row of 10mm light strip and maybe a second above if you want that much light.

Thanks. Looks great. Gonna print it again with supports, looks like my printer isn't up to the task of printing it in the original orientation without support.

Will do

this really helps! I will print today for my CR-10 after installing my new Petsfang V2 :D Thanks mate

Default print profile is absolute garbage.. printed on it's side.. big failure.

I've printed over 50 of these without 1 failure. Not sure what is happening with yours? I have attached a pic showing orientation for printing successfully. Dave

Printed this beautifully. I really think it was my best yet, and first one after the installation of the Petsfang. Thank you so much for your contributions.

Best way to print? as is, with supports?

No supports. Largest flat face down.