Dymaxion Globe - Optimized for Glowforge

by jamiekin Jan 19, 2018
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Here is some help :) You have to make the little assembly 12 times, then you can add the triangles.

You'll need glue, otherwise it won't hold. I don't advise to have tight fits (pieces holding without glue), because it will be hard to put the last triangle to close the globe. At the end, you can't really apply pressure to insert triangles, you risk damaging your globe... Glue is the way to go !

I've already did it months ago, and am about to do it again. This time I'll post photos of the process (in a few weeks) ;-)

Finally made it :) I've made a post describing all the steps.

Here is some details concerning the inputs files:

  • I had to scale down everything so that it matches a 3mm thick plate
  • To save time, I did no graving and instead used a marker to make contrast
  • I did a "fast" cutting for continents and meridians, so that the machine makes lines without cutting the parts. Unfortunately, the laser went faster on meridians than on continents, so I distinguished the two (different colours) then set different laser power.
  • When resizing, you don't want a tight fit of the parts, otherwise you will have difficulties when assembling the last triangle (where you need to push the piece without being able to put you hand inside to pinch). It's much easier using glue.

The project is quite easy once you understand how to assemble it. I hope my photos will help those who struggle !

Enjoy :)

I'm also having trouble putting this together. Anyone who has had success want to share how you did it?

I made one too! Modified the templates to work with the K40 Whisperer (for the cheap chinese laser cutters).

I'm perplexed about the circular notched pieces that are printed alongside the pentagonal shapes. I had absolutely no use for them, but am second-guessing myself if they really were needed. Did anyone else use them?

Other than that, this was GREAT! Thanks for the great post.

@lumkichi, pls help with directions for assembly. I have two of these prints completed on proofgrade medium draftboard in pieces and can't assemble for the life of me.

Everything is great, Tweaked things a bit to work with my setup on an Epilog.

The only issue is you need 12 tab pentagons. the file only had 10.

No big deal obviously just print two more.

I printed two of these and had 4 adults try to assemble this after Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn't do it, and are lacking any progress.

Am having a really hard time assembling... specifically seeing which way the tabs go in the slot. and how the round pieces fit in. And how everything connects. Any further directions would be hugely helpful.