Ulvheim building and ruins - A

by Terrain4Print Jan 19, 2018
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Is this the correct size for games like Warhammer? Thanks

I would say a scale of about 120% to 140% should be good for warhammer.

No as I just printed one of the ruins off and it's not suitable for warhammer as is. Sure you can possibly scale it up. If you do find out please let me know.

Generally, CURA let's you scale up or down. Ya just gotta figure out the correct percentage. I was hoping not to have to do that. Lazy bones me. No problem. Thanks.

Anyone have files of Smaller pieces? My Print bed is only 5 1/2" cubed. The software I have is scaling things down. At least it doesnt look like the correct size. if not I can and try to find someone who knows how to chop them up.


Great Job. These look Amazing! Printing a few right now for Frostgrave. Can't wait! I was curious what size magnets you recommend for the newer files?

Thanks! If you mean Ulvheim B, there is no magnet slots there. I only made holes for my own clips.

Sorry :) Realized Devon Jones remixed your prints. First piece (w/o Magnets) is almost done. I'll post pics once I throw some paint on it. Really looking forward to this. Been searching for awhile for something like this. I like how it's modular, but not too modular. These are large enough I can throw a few together but still have something different. When I have to start by printing 15 wall tiles and 10 floor tiles just to have one thing it gets tedius. Slight exageration there but I think you know what I mean. Thank you again!!!

These look awesome, looking forward to fighting over these in 40k and kings of war

Nice! Curious if you have a roof piece that would work, at least for the main base that appears mostly intact. Very cool set!

Another designer, Evan, has made some roof pieces. It's linked in the description. Thanks!

Oh nice! Yeah thats close to what I was looking for. Interested in a closed roof (for printing 1 or 2 non-damaged buildings to mix in with all the damanged ones), but the rafters definitely look like a good next step.

I've printed one model so far, looks great!

Hi guys, printing some amazing Ulvheim ruins for Frostgrave (first thing I liked on Thingiverse !) and I have a question regarding the top surface on the photo : Is this normal or can I improve my parameters ? Thank you !

I would say that it is pretty normal. If you don't like it you can go lower your layer height, but print times will go up. The problem won't disappear completely but it will improve. With the slicer slic3r PE, you can adjust the layer height differently throughout a model.
Or you can fix it with old fashioned methods, like polyfiller (spackel) or glue+gravel.
Good luck!

Thanks for the support ! Will tip when it's done :)

That happens because most standard nozzles are 0.4 mm. No matter how much you adjust the layer height, the width will always stay the same. So looking from the top down, you'll always see those 0.4 mm wide lines and there isn't much you can do about it. You could get a thinner nozzle, but then you're talking about effectively doubling all your print times and you're much more likely to get clogs. It's much easier to just fill and sand the tops of these types of even models.

Thank you for your wisdom notjux !
Someone advised me to enable ironing and concentric infill pattern. The floor is much better now, less effective on the top of the walls.

Oh, that's a good point! I forgot about ironing. I try not to use it on higher detail models because I find that it actually destroys some on the detail, but yeah it's perfect for big terrain pieces.

Has anyone got any tips on hiding the layer lines without obscuring all the detail? I tried polyester resin body filler (bondo-a-like) but it was way too hard to apply and sand after. Other potential options are some kind of water soluble filler, like a wood filler, or maybe an acrylic paste or thick medium. Filler primer might also be an option, but I'd prefer to keep it cheap.

I almost never notice the layer lines anymore. I almost always use 0.2mm layer height. Can you take some close ups of a print?

there are 2 part epoxies you can paint on to fill them if you want. Not every expensive and marketed as 3d printer epoxy so easy to find.

Great work! Perfect for Frostgrave. Any chance of seeing some additional Ulvheim building or ruins at some point on your Patron page or for sale on WargamesVault?

Thanks. I am pretty sure I will return to the frozen streets of Ulvheim as it is my most popular thing. But it might take a couple of months from now, at least. It's mostly in the hands of my patrons. :-)

Amazing work! Just finished printing my first piece and I can't wait to make a bunch more.

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Thank you so much for these! How do you quickly add the holes for the magnets? I wanted to add holes to the top of ulvheim-A-2-ruin2A.magnetic and ulvheim-A-2-ruin2B.magnetic so I can put a remixed roof on top of there.

I create a cylinder that is 3.175mm diameter and 5mm deep, and position it in the spot I want it, then do a boolean difference operation. I do this all in blender.

Thanks for the help! I remixed it hopefully everyone doesn't mind. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3260700

Ulvheim Building Ruined Roof
by jtru37
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You are welcome. Do you think I should learn solidworks? :-)

This is awesome. I immediately started printing it. Thank you very much for this project!

I also became a patron. The first time ever :-).
I only pledge a small amount, but I still hope it helps you out and will lead to even more printable terrain.

Thank you for your support, welcome aboard!

Just a note for others - I printed @ 5% infill as Markus recommended and a few of the walls had some give to them. Most likely due to the infill pattern I used (triangle) but I'm going to print again w/ a bit more infill just to be safe.

These are so amazing! Thank you! PS: I'm now a Patron! Keep up the great work!

Thanks, and I noticed, welcome aboard!

Not sure if my settings are causing it or the way that CraftWork is trying to slice the cobblestone floor.
I keep seeing the first layer miss most of the infill, than make a whole floor wide later of horizontal shell. than continue the brick pattern, I'm changing the top/bottom shell layers to try and find one that lets the whole floor print on a flat plane.
If I figure something out i'll try and show the problem and solution =)

Any luck? I would say experiment with increasing infill and extra top layers, if I understand your problem correctly.

So I printed one with like 6 toplayers, and it's solid, no light shines through. Turned out great!

This is so Awesome!!! I'm printing out the first floor now and will print out one of the ruins version of the second floor. I am so looking forward to seeing other buildings in this series. I plan on using this model to practice painting with. Thanks so much for this amazing model set. :)

Thank you, good luck with printing and painting. :-)

Awesome model Markus! Been looking forward on Patreon to the one coming out! Do you have plans in the future to add a roof, or is intended primarily as ruins?

Thank you and thank you for your support Evan. It is intended primarily as ruins. A roof is of course not impossible. It will not happen right now though.