Spice Rack 1,4,6,&7

by Ken9226 Jan 20, 2018
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Can anyone tell me whats the inside diameter (in mm if you can) of each holder?

Looks like 47mm.

Very nice but I'm not sure why you called them "parametric"?

It is from the original that i modified.

Parametric Spice Rack

I'd already deduced that as it shows it is remixed from thing 682449
I'm sure things should only have "Parametric" in the title if that specific "thing" is Parametric; messes around with people searching otherwise.

How are you mounting these? The largest one I can print is the 6 place one and the screw holes don't quite make it to the sides of the cabinet door! The thin panel in the center of the door won't work to screw into!

Double sided tape doesn't last very long before it falls down.

One Idea would be to incorporate a flat spot on each end of the part so you could glue them together.
Or some method of connecting a few of the shorter ones to make a long one.

I have a similar but slightly different set of spice holders that I have stuck to the inside of my cabinet door using the command adhesive small refill strips. They have been up for 3 years and have had no issues. I had them up for 2 years before that in an apartment and was able to cleanly remove them with no trouble also.

Mirror mounting foam tape is the way to go in that case. But be sure to buy a good one, since those unbranded ones have a tendency to loose adhesion over time.

I have gone with Gorilla tape, it was fairly wide so I thought extra hold. I ended up making a "bar that goes behind the holders to join them together. I needed a "4" and a "3' for my door!
My cabinet doors are the standard raised panel type and the panel is thin so no screws!
What I made is a flat "bar" that is about the same height as the flat part of the back of the holder. It is the width of the inset on my cabinet door and about 5mm thick or so. I added pins or studs to it that line up with the screw holes to give mounting accuracy (so the parts are straight!) then super glue it together. so far so good but we'll see.

I cleaned my cabinets with rubbing alcohol then used the foam mounting tap to attach to them to the door. I have not had any problems yet.. Will have to see how they do when it gets more humid in the summer.

Ok, good to know! I have an idea I am going to try once I get a few printed.

Sadly the cabinets where I store my spices are have a odd lip around the inside edge making it hard for me to fit the 4 rack spice holder. Could you post a 3 rack holder? if not the two rack holder will suffice!
Thank you! Awesome design!

Here is the link to where I got the first one at that is a 3 hole spice rack.
I did not want to copy his size directly and only posted the remixes that I made.
Thanks Ken

Parametric Spice Rack

Awesome, thank you for the help!

Keep up the cool designs!