Little bathtub tug boat (visual benchy)

by vandragon_de Jan 20, 2018
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Printed perfectly at 50% scale with prusa mk3s, used 0.2mm layers and 20% infill all the time.

At what height did you set the infill change?
Take a look at the picture please .... Is this to low?

yes is still a bit too low. Orient yourself on the rivet plate

Made it 200% and love it!

It swims perfect, also at 200%

Thanks for including separate bottom and top parts. I have a version of Cura 2, so I can't use the swapatz plug-in, and the merge trick looked like a pain. Another trick you can do is print the bottom at 10% infill, then cut a big hole in the top skin of the bottom part, remove some of the infill along the center-line, and glue in some coins or washers to the top of the bottom skin (where the infill was). Saves quite a lot of filament (I calculated it's cheaper to glue low value coins in than print at 50% infill, haha). You won't see the hole because the top (10% infill, unmodifed) part gets glued onto the bottom part.

Does it really flow in bath tub? Nice "cartoon" design! Thumbs up!

With me it floats with the different infill super. 40% down 10% up

This is incredible. Can you tell me what Filament you used for the Green and Blue boats? I love the colors.

Thanks, the green is Janbex a german manufacturer, blue is fillamentum

is it fillamentum nobble blue PLA?

Sorry for the noob question... How do you change the infill % at a certain point in Cura?

Sorry for the noob question... How do you change the infill % at a certain point in Cura?

new lovely Benchy!!!

Thank you:) but it's not a benchmark boat;) the visual inspection of the print image is possible.

You are one of the best designers on here for sure - keep up the great work!

I like it ;-)