Anycubic i3 mega squash legs

by Astroxyn Jan 21, 2018
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Thanks for this. I finished these today and they have made it much quieter. I haven't worked out how to post a 'make' yet. Not sure how that works? I took some pictures but don't know how to post them and credit you?

Hi, I tried the double yellow squash ball and I found them too soft. The printer move a lot with them. Am I the only one ?

Do you have an idea if harder squash ball could be better ? The blue one maybe (faster = harder ?) ?

Thanks !

Any thoughts on adding two more legs to support the uprights of the machine?

Dunlop Pro - Double Yellow Dot Squash Ball - this is correct ball?

That's correct !

do you have any picture of how you connected the fans - do you recommend any inexpensive? How abaut your cougars you are happy with them?

I made a set of these a month or so ago. Used practice golf balls instead of squash balls, based on availability + price.

The other day I replaced them with basic cylindrical legs @ roughly the same height. The added airflow under the printer is great, but those squishy practice balls caused a lot of ghosting.

Learn from my mistakes, people. Use squash balls.

Cool idea! Have you noticed a difference in print quality after installing those? Also, I see you've printed it in PLA, what do you think about PETG?

I printed the first legs in PLA that came with the printer, but after some hours of printing the socket for the squash ball no longer held the ball inside if I lifted the printer. These legs need to sustain quite a bit of mechanical stress and PLA is not so great for it in the long run, because it can deform. I ended up printing the legs again, but this time in PETG and I think they turned out better.

About to order the cheapest squash balls from ebay !

Did you dispose of the small internal fan over the Trigorrila board when adding the 120mm fans ?

I am guessing there was also some Dremel work on the base plate.

I removed the small fan on trigo. 2x120mm airflow is damn better, you don't need to keep the small fan.
I also delete the "power supply" fan too and open the case.
I cut the base plate with 2x120mm hole saw but it can be done with Dremel too !



where are the two 120mm fans connected? On fan1 in parallel on the board? Or is one connected to the board and the other to the power supply?

Hi, in my case yes they are both connected on FAN1 in parallel. in the beginning i tried to connect one fan inside power supply (the white connector) but it seems to be linked with a temperature sensor and the 2nd fan was never ''working'' the sensor never reached the require temperature (45°c) to start. So i finally put both of them on the FAN1

Ah okay, I think this will work too. Depends on the head. But be carefull with the power supply fan. It's a 24V connection and I've already grilled a 12V silent fan :(