Monoprice Select Mini Z Carriage

by mfink70 Jan 21, 2018
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Did you re-use te same linear rods or did you just use new ones? If you re-used them, how did you get them out? They seem stupidly well fixed.

I’m assuming you’re referring to the linear bearings? I got new ones, the old ones are near impossible to get out without damaging them.

Yup I just tried new ones. In fact I assembled everything together, before I mount the rods into their seated positions with the screws on the frame it slid very well, so the bearings were nicely working. However when screwed together, the gantry is under so much pressure that it can't side up and down almost at all. I have measured the distance between bearings on the original and this one and there is a small difference (too far apart), enough to stop it being workable. I retried with the original and it slides no problem, so that must be the issue. My printer is a pre-built Prusa MK3 and calibration tests come out perfect so I am quite confident it is the distance on the actual .stl.

Which one did you print? There are two z carriage stl files in there. The first one posted worked fine for me but others had issues with it so I posted a second one with screw holes to lock in the x axis rods. This one I straightened out all the holes for the linear bearings. If you read the description it’s explains the differences between the two.

The bearing positions are the same though right? I actually compared both models and they seemed quite similar in terms of bearing positioning. I measured my original gantry and the longer distance between the solitary bearing and other two seems accurate enough, however the two close together are much too close together from what I can see.

All three bearing holes were moved slightly since they were off a little. My printer worked fine with the first model but all printers are not built the same. If you would like to take some measurements from your original z carriage and send me them I can modify the stl file easily to your specs and post it along with the other two and call it version 3 (v3).

Thanks for the offer and for the original design! I got a bit stressed yesterday with the project so I ended up just taking the riskier step of modifying the original gantry to fit the new hardware. Worked really wel actually, very smooth, but eventually I may need to come back to this. Mine is a PrimaCreator P120, seems to have some elements of the MPSM V1 and some of the V2 so it's an oddball, maybe the spacing is simply different as you suggest, and even within printers of the same type it is possible that the spacing isn't identical from one batch to another.

They build all of them a bit different. I didn’t have a choice on mine, the end stop swith mount was broken on my z carriage so I needed this to work for me, fortunately it did. I ended up printing mine in carbon fiber petg. Glad you got it working. If you do come back to this let me know and I’ll modify the stl to the specifications you need.

what is the best orientation to print this in? did you re-use the old bearings or get new ones?

Flip it 180 degrees and use supports. I used new bearings.