Battle Benchy

by DecoTOAST Jan 22, 2018
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very cool model, thank you

Didn't realize the turrets were set up to move. Printing at 120 mm/s, they get shaken around so much that they start to swivel around before they're done printing, which turns the barrels into an unrecognizable mess. It might not be a bad idea to include some kind of breakable support on the pivot points that would hold the turrets in place while printing, but could be easily broken loose afterward if desired.

So the original boat I remixed from had swiveling turrets. When I added it to the benchy, they became more oval due to skretching so they didn’t turn anymore.

One of my first completed "fine" prints using the Anet A8 sliced through Cura. Only part that was a bit fragile was the Antenna/Radar (if that's what it was) snapped off and where there should be a mid gun came up with a hole. I had some warping, but that's no one's fault other than a cold room. Thoroughly enjoyed the print and very happy with the result 10/10!

Made a couple of these as toys for my grandkids and friends. I enlarged them 200%. The only problem I had was the turrets coming loose before the guns completed printing, making a mess of them. :-( I wish I had a file that was just for the guns. I don't have anything to look at the separate models so I can't print just those. At 200% it takes about 25 hours to print the entire model out. The rear guns print between 12 and 14 hours.. that's a lotta time spent to have them fail. But I love the model and so do the kids!
I'm printing them on a CREALITY CR10, with Gray PLA, they turn out really nice. Large format printers are da bomb! They come out over 8 inches long!

That is gigantic! I never design my things to take over 3 hours, haha. I'm not sure if I can design the turrets on their own to where they would pop in. I would check the battleship I remixed from. I would love to see a picture of this in the made section.

Pictures posted to "I made one".

had the rear guns fail twice now.. not enough support to mount them stable. :-/

the model is flawed. it will not slice properly (as are many of your models NO insult just trying to help)

some of them "slice bad" the battle benchy sliced into "split parts" with a gap in the middle.

some of your models are unsliceable on my computer. I know it works for some clearly as there are prints but for example simple boat tug boat and steamboat will not slice. S3D Hangs. I have to run them through netfab and then they slice fine.

simple_boat4.stl however will not slice in S3D (going to try Cura next) and netfab chokes on it as well will not process it (just hangs at processing)

mostly likely the parts are individual and overlapping or just not manifold.

this slice indicated overlapping (not made whole)


when I sep connected parts in S3d the battle benchy is 5 parts.

netfab was able to fix.

Same here, also (this might just be me being new to simplify3d) when i preview the model at 0.08mm layer height the back half of the model is a whole layer lower than the front benchy bit

Yeah same here. Looks like you did not full join the two sections as Nerys posted in his picture. Slicer: Cura 3.6 and 4.0

Nerys, I assume you are talking about the alternative Benchy files, Battle Benchy and Shipwrecked Coral Benchy. I didn't do any simple boat tugboat or steamboat but I think I know what models you are talking about. I have only been running CURA and I been seeing anyone with S3D have a terrible time. There is a repaired remix of this one too. I only used two parts in Meshmixer too when I created this. I have Netfabb and ran this one through a repair, which I thought was enough. What more can I do or where can I learn to repair on Netfabb?

Shipwreck Benji I have to look for that :-)

I ran the file through netfabb and it came out fine I thought all of these boots were made by you I must have mixed up files :-)

I wonder what Kira does differently? Netfabb is free online service as for how to fix on your end I'm not sure I have not used meshmixer Angus would know :-) might be worth asking in one of his videos makers Muse I believe he is pretty Adept at using mesh mixer it's probably some last silly thing you need to do to make it all one part

Here is the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2754600
I really need to view a few more things on there before I put it out. Thanks for the help.

Shipwrecked Coral Benchy