Prusa i3 MK3 Feet Smart Lock

by Area51 Jan 22, 2018
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Just printed with Solutech black PLA (layer height 0.1mm, speed 60mm/s, perimeter 3, extruder width 0.6mm). Works like a charm. Thanks for the great design!

Made these using Prusa orange PLA and installed on my new MK3 build. They work perfectly.

Thank you for feedback.

An excellent solution. Simple, useful, very well done and very effective.

I printed these feet with the gr[ae]y PLA filament that came along with my MK3. They were a perfect fit and they clipped surprisingly well and the final assembly looked more than strong enough. Thank you!

Just to be clear; PLA is not flexible enough for this design, at least the PLA that I have. You could soften it a bit by warming just before install, but probably better just to print in PETG.

Thank you for the design and excellent instructions, Area51.

Thank you for the feedback!

Am I the only one who had a really hard time getting them to click together when installing?

Great design, thanks!

Fantastic! Simple, and they work like a charm.

Area51 thanks for the file, works great! Frustrating every time a foot came off before the mod.

Tried to print with PeTG, it won't fit.


hurr: I had it backwards lol

AWESOME PRINT, great work.


I just glued mine in....

Cool design tho :-)

I just finished building my new MK3 and sure enough, I moved it by sliding it, and one of the feet came off.
This was the first useful item printed on my new printer. I printed, installed, and worked great! Thanks!

It works really well. When you nudge the machine, they no longer pop out sideways.

This worked great! Thanks.

Works great thank you!!!!!!

These seem to really be working! Good Job! I was dragging my printer all over today, and didn't lose a foot.

Very nice design! Printed with ABS, works really great!

Maybe you can even adapt these and make even more secured version that holds in alu extrusions for use with new printers (kits) - similar to those used to mount the power supply. But even this version holds in place very good.

* Coffee is on me.

I've moved my printer in my SUV a few times and for the first time this weekend I found three of the feet resting on the back floor. I was ready to build something like this and I searched for a Mk2 solution and found this Mk3 solution. Thanks!

Actually I haven't had one slip up with the originals, however this, or the other solution, depending on your materials available are wonderful. That's what makes this community and open source great. Thank you! Just printed up a set and am ready to install.

If you loose one, where do you go to get a replacement?
Thank you for feedback. Without feedback, things never change and get better...

I think there are some printable ones on Thingiverse made for the MK3 if you do a quick search. A hardware store may have something similar to the originals as well I am thinking.

I made one design for printable feet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2742316
And there are properly others, but not all users are comfortable printing with TPU/TPE and other flexible materials - they can be tricky ;)

But you're right, it should be possible to get extras in a large hardware store, the ones used on MK3 looks pretty standard.

Prusa i3 MK3 Feet, Upgrade
by Area51

The ones you referenced are what I was speaking of. My Mk3 is printing TPU 98A pretty easily at this point (which incidentally with the right fill works great for absorption, Perhaps I should print sheet and distribute for shipping costs :). Actually, I think something similar to the originals could be fashioned out of a small rubber stopper and a bit of hobby knife work. I know most hardware stores have rubber stoppers as I used to need them for water cooling experiments.

Nice Design! Ideally Prusa would include these in their kits.
Mine fell out way too many times while building.

Thank you.
It is just a link away and easy to print yourself.
It would be nice if Prusa had a page for MK2/MK3 with links to community improvements and Tips & Tricks.

The best ones could be included on the delivered SD card.

good idea!

For sure, some of these items although sometimes simple, are absolutely brilliant.