Stanford Dragon

by MyDogJustice Jul 30, 2012
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TO ALL HAVING ISSUES WITH THIS PRINT, make sure it is laying flat on the printbed. This model is suspended in the air, so most people will having issues printing this when the 'support' comes loose.

Okay so it seems no matter what i do it can't print it without messing up :(

The one thing I've learned from years of printing is that the first thing to do when its not working is "slow. it. down." Slow down all of the speeds and you'll get it to work! I look forward to seeing you finish it

Printed on my 3d micro!

Smaller size always fail using makerbot replicator2!
Don't know why cause my fail.

Printed really well on my UP! Mini. Support material inside the mouth was hard to remove, But now its out it looks stunning.

 A friend painted my dragon in gold :) see the pic on the left hand side.

nice model, i suspect the interior support will be a bear to remove.

I didnt require any support in the middle. Most of the support was under the chin and inside the mouth. I left moth of the motuh support in place instead of risking breaking off the jaw. There was some support at the base since its not completely flat. (More like rafting I suppose) It really wasnt too terribly hard to cleanup, and I hate printing things with support for that simple reason. Give it a go! Its a small model. I used support for anything more than 45 degrees at 1.5mm spacing.

what slicing software are you running?

I am using skeinforge, I haven't seen a setting on how it decides

the limit of degrees. (I haven't looked at all the settings in detail)

latest version of Slic3r (0.8.4) incorporates some new customizations for support material. pattern, spacing, overhang angle threshold, pattern angle

Your print came out pretty nice!

Maybe splitting in half may work