CR 10 Feet (uses foam from packaging)

by prider Jan 23, 2018
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For the CR-10S, you will have to either remove the base plate where the stock feet sit (there are 3 screws around the stock feet) to attach, or you can drill a hole (I used a 5/16 bit) centered between the 2 outside holes already on this model to make the 3rd screw fit into this model. The screws are in a triangular formation, but this requisite new hole will be on a line between the 2 holes that are the shortest distance from one another if that makes sense.

Otherwise, they printed great. Just ran all 4 copies at once and threw on the padding that came in my box and there is a slight lowering of the overall sound from vibration dampening I think. Wish I had a decibel meter, but they appear to work to my untrained ears!

Ya, I only have the standard CR-10, and I just assumed that the 10S would be the same... Apparently not

After using these feet for a while, I've found that the foam from the packaging eventually flattens out, and doesn't really provide any isolation after a while. You can either just add additional foam from the packaging (what I did), although that will probably flatten out eventually as well, or you could look into using different type of foam...