LED Headlights for Monoprice Select Mini

by dchurch Jan 24, 2018
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Nice, And yes either resistor should work fine. The exact optimum resistance for brightness and led life is dependant on the specs of the LEDs and the voltage. That info is on the company data sheet. There are also "LED Resistor Calculators" on the web. But again you are expected to know if you specific LEDs are high output... I would just hook things together with alligator clips and test the resistors for heat and brightness. They should not feel warm when on. The 380 would be on the safe side. So if it is bright enough I would use it.

I recommend ABS or PETG... for this thing because of the nearby heat.

I'm still appreciating the small amount of effort for the nice focused lighting. My Mini is in an enclosure so lighting is even more of an issue.

Awesome, thank you for your reply. Im not sure of the specs of the led's i have at hand, they have been rattling around my "may come in handy" drawer for a while, but i'll rig them up and see how they work for brightness and heat.
Thanks again.

Great job, thanks for this design and helpful guide for installation. I am having a terrible time seeing the first few layers of black pla on the black print bed, this should help alot.
I only have 220 Ohm and 380 Ohm resistors, would one of these suffice or is the 270 a must?

Thanks again.

Nice job NashMan!
It's good to see someone make use of this thing. I like the white wide angle headlights too, very functional.

Is that Teflon insulation on your hotblock?

Yes it is. I had a leak that gunked up my original insulation. The Teflon tape conforms to the end well an is doing a good job of holding a constant temp...

First of all, thanks for posting this, it's exactly what I've been looking for.
I've got it printed, got some LED's (5mm fit perfectly, mine are white with the flat top), resister and wire (some spare silicone braided wire left over from the bed rewire). Now looking for appropriate screws.

Do you know what size screws those are? Pointed or machine screws? So you melted a hole on the "frame" and put the screws through the part into the frame, right?

That's great!

1) Yes, the screw holes in the object are 2.5mm diam. So a 2.5mm or 2mm diameter screw will work well for this.

2) I used the pointed type 5mm long, but I've also used machine screws for things like this without tapping, so long as a well suited drill bit is used. I happened to have some pointed 5mm screws and a drill bit for the pilot hole that worked out well. I tested the bit diameter and screw on a piece of scrap first.

3) When you fit the part correctly to the frame, as shown, the back ends of the LEDs will provide a stop point against the Mini frame. So, the headlight fixture will be as far from the hot end as possible. When the fixture is held in place you can drill the outboard fastener hole and install one screw. The in board screw can not be drilled unless you take the Mini apart. So I just heated a small finishing nail with a lighter and pushed it through the plastic frame material. But, do this in two steps to avoid welding the headlight fixture to the frame. Step one is push the nail about 1mm into the plastic. Next remove the headlight fixture, then reheat the nail and push it completely through the frame (and out before it cools). The nail that I used was a little small so I enlarged the hole by spinning the drill bit between my fingers. Melting a hole was pretty easy compared to dismantling the Mini.

PS, you need a short screwdriver to use on the inboard screw. Or, a socket head (or allen) screw might work well with an "L" wench.

Good luck with your install,