Laser Cut Machinist's Toolbox

by drjekyll2k Jan 24, 2018
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Is it too much to ask to publish the dimensions if the whatever part and the box as a whole in the description ?

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Been trying to build something like this for my partners warhamer collection. Thanks for sharing these designs. Really good starting point for me :) Amazing design. you sir, are a genius

Fabulous design.
Can you give me the dimensions please?
I loaded the files into RDworks but the scale is wrong.

Cool toolbox!

One question though: How does the front panel work?
I like that you can stow it away by sliding it into the bottom; but when the box is closed, can you carry it by holding the handle on the top? If so, how is the weight distributed?
In your instructable, you claim that the four clasps might be a bit overkill, that only the two on the front would suffice. But wouldn't then all the weight of the box bear on the locking mechanism?

What am I missing? :-)

I added a video showing how the front panel works.
I have carried it by the handle on the top, since it has a pretty even weight distribution. Though, I would make sure to get a sturdy handle for the top since the toolbox gets rather heavy quickly when you add your tools. As I add more tools, I have switched to using the side handles more. It tends to be easier for me when lugging around that much weight.
There are currently 4 clasps. If the 2 on the sides are eliminated the weight will be held by the two front clasps and the hinge. This all just depends on what you want to put in the box. If you are just putting light stuff in there, 2 clasps would be fine. If you are loading it down with steel tools, 4 clasps would likely be better.

Thank you so much for the video! It clears up a lot—and it's just like I expected. :-)

To be honest, I'm still not 100% sold on the front panel: As you pointed out, toolboxes tend to become heavy, and the handle on the top just looks way too beautiful and convenient not to be used. ;-) Wouldn't the front panel be "lifted up" if you forgot lock the side clasps and tried to lift the toolbox up from the top handle?

In any case, yours is a really impressive build. There are PLENTY of details that merit a "like"! I love when tinkerers come up with creative solutions for smaller details, and your 'thing' is full of them. Well done!

I think you are right that there is a possibility for the front panel to lift up if you just had clasps on the front. I actually tested this a bit and found that the lower lip keeps the panel from pushing forward and up when you pull on the lid. Also, the knobs are recessed into the panel, keeping it from sliding up. I only tested this with about 10lbs so more weight could cause a failure. Thanks for pointing this out, it does look like having the side latches are needed. Especially when everything is weighed down.

This is incredible! How long did it take to laser cut all the pieces?

I think it was around 2 hours total. The laser tube was starting to fail so I had to keep the speed fairly low to compensate.