SLS - Orion, Service Module, ICPS - Version 2

by Terefenko Jan 25, 2018
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Hey ya, great design. Just started yesterday. Building the Crew Module, and noticed the heat shield body connector is a solid ring, there's no open gap to accommodate the magnet in the heat shield. Not a big deal to cut away a gap in the ring, just wondering if that's still necessary. Thanks, will be purchasing the finish kit soon.

Absolutely love the model!!
what scale is it??

Hi Telefenko, thank you for the project you have developed! Now I am building the model but I can not understand how the 2 conical pieces are blocked / connected, SpacecraftAdapter-single-V3 with Service Module Adapter! the 2 pieces are just resting, the 12 clips do not hold the other module, they only do a centering! So the model is not assembled (or you have to paste) but it would not make sense! Or the model needs the ring of the kit Base to hold the 2 parts together, but I do not believe because if it does not hold the 2 parts firmly, they would fall anyway! I await your answer bye


hmmm, yes, you are correct. The only way to connect the two parts is to use the grip from the stand (kit). This was not intentional and you are the first person to point this out. I imagine the other folks who made this either glued the ServiceModuleAdapter and the SpacecraftAdapter together, designed their own stand/grip or bought the finish kit.

I will put some thought into how the problem could be solved without an external grip/ring. It had not occurred to me before, because I always used the grip or built the vertical stand, where gravity holding it is fine.



I was thinking about it while I was working on finishing a model. I'm pretty sure I can add something to the bottom-inside of the SpacecraftAdapter which will allow a person to place it on the SpacecraftAdapter, then twist for a few degrees to lock them together.
This will utilize the existing 12 "clamp" parts which already exist on the ServiceModuleAdapter.

Thanks for pointing this out, it will make for a better model overall. Not sure when I will get to this, I'm pretty busy right now.


so... what files do I need to print?? there are so many

Contact me directly at spacethings3d@gmail.com and I will send you a zip file of the same files I use. They will be the latest versions of everything without the multiple version clutter.

I will get around to cleaning up and updating this project file set when I find some time.


I only wanted Orion and the service module, and didn't want to have to print so many individual parts. So I assembled some of the files in Meshmixer and made it 75% scale.


These look good. I know you did not want to print a lot of parts, but if you kept the CMA as a separate part, it would require a lot less support.

Also, thanks for the follow-up comment! (which has not yet appeared in this comment section).
I also was not happy with the docking ring/hatch. All I had to work with were artist renditions for that assembly, so I just decided to keep it simple for now. I have gotten a fair amount of feedback from Orion Program folks on other parts, but no one yet has provided me with better info for that particular area.
Now that you provided additional info for that section I will take another look at that.

Also, I am not really happy with the Crew Module. The main body parts was extracted from a version of it on the NASA 3D models site. I find it not very accurate and also difficult to hand paint for a finished look. I am in the process of redesigning it.


hi, printed at 1/35 scale. Looks good. thx.

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I saw you model in the vertical stand at the Maker Faire in Orlando. I was blown away at how good it looked. It was the end of the day and you were off someplace, but I had a nice talk with your wife and I hope she relayed to you my complements. Thank you for making the models available. It is inspiring.



Thanks so much for the kind words!

Actually, the models got me noticed enough in the industry that I am now doing a scaled model of an upcoming outer planets mission. I won't be able to make it available for a couple years at least, but I am happy that it is allowing me to move toward an industry which I have been meaning to get in.

I will keep supporting this model and hopefully others. In fact, I have a series of mods underway both for FFF printing of this model and mods for resin printing as well.

Feel free to contact me at spacethings3d@gmail.com if you are planning on doing a build and would like input.


Hi, I wanted to begin work on the amazing model you have created, but when looking and the parts list I noticed that some parts are the same or individual parts of another one and in your instructions the parts list does not actually have any parts listed. I was just wondering if you could take a look at it and if nothing is wrong maybe tell me what I am doing wrong.


Yes, I would be happy to work through this with you. Feel free to send any pictures or questions you have to spacethings3d@gmail.com. I am in the process of assembling the canonical set of parts right now... to update the doc. There have been a number of changes to the model recently, so let me know where you are in the build and I can get you the updated parts as well. Since things are moving quickly, I have not been able to update the thingiverse model as quickly as I would like.


Thank you for the response, I have only begun making the orange tanks and encountered the problem of trying to find the right models when looking for which parts were supposed which color because instead of painting I was just going to print in the correct color because I have all the filament colors needed.

I understand. The individual "parts that are part of other parts" are mainly because I eventually created parts sets like a commercial model, especially the smaller parts like the solar panel pins and the small engines, because their surface area was small and maybe more difficult to print. So the scaffolding between them allowed for more surface area. Also, some parts are later versions or or a part like the SM-SpacecraftAdapter, which gives you the option of a split version (2 parts) for visibility or as a single part if you don't care about that.

Until I get around to putting together the parts list, feel free to ask me about specific parts you are concerned with.

Also, thank you for suggestion that when I put together the parts list for each stack, I also include a column with the "suggested color".


So far I only have two questions, the first is I cannot find the model for the black ring that goes under the Orion capsule-bulkhead. The second is there are multiple versions of the "SM-SpacecraftAdapter" and I was just wondering which one I is the correct, or best one; the three are listed below:

ok... good catch. The part under the Forward Bulkhead is called OrionCapsule3_-_ForwardBulkheadBase.stl and I just uploaded it.
The SM-SpacecraftAdapter-Single-V3.stl is the one I use and the latest. I believe its the only one which places the SAW panels at 60 degree angles, which is the corrected version.


Could you please also upload the Forward Bulkhead file that fits into the Forward Bulkhead Base that you added? Right now, both are the same size at the base, so they don't really fit together. Otherwise, great model. Very much appreciated!

Thank you very much, I will notify you if I have any other issues.

Can i use the stand of this model https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2622716/files ? or not?

DEPRECATED - SLS - Orion - Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage


The match is not exact and the current Vertical Stand has somewhat different parts. I know that jspahn successfully adapted it with some CAD work on his part.


SLS - Orion, Service Module, ICPS - Version 2
by jspahn

I may have the stl file for the education stand please ?


The STL files for the Vertical stand may we acquired at Orion Vertical Stand. Under the options you can get just the STL files if desired.


Comments deleted.

Could I get model or link to the educational stand?


The STL files for the Vertical stand may we acquired at Orion Vertical Stand. Under the options you can get just the STL files if desired.


Just finished printing this and I'm in the process of assembling it. Would you be willing to provide the stl for the stand mount. The u-shaped piece that attaches to the body of the model? Thanks!


From your snapshot I can see you are aware of the finish kit I sell. Unfortunately I cannot provide it publicly, because its the only way I can recoup some of the costs needed to develop and upgrade this model. I suppose the tip system is there, but in the last 5 months, I have only received a few.

Think of it like NPR or PBS, support the cause and receive a gift. It also really makes the model have a completed appearance.


i totally understand. I'll purchase the stand from you soon. Thanks for the reply.

No problem,

BTW, there is a significant modification in the Service Module. It mainly comes down to the solar panels being at 60 degrees, not 90 degrees and the SM thruster arrangement. I just have not had time to update Thingiverse, but folks who have purchased through the site get the upgraded files early. After the Orion engineers have acknowledged them as "good".

There may be another change to the SM Thruster plate as well, as soon as I can nail down the latest changes.


"no build is complete without this kit" : the Finish kit .
( https://www.etsy.com/listing/597015116/sls-orion-service-module-and-icps-finish )
Today, i made the "SLS - Orion, Service Module, ICPS - Version 2 " complete with the labels ( decals) and the stand.
Well, Terefenko, with the 'Finish-Kit' it is really finished: perfect !
Thanks...…..i did enjoy everything……..

I added my "completed make" also to the list.
Thank you, Terefenko, for this beautiful model...........

Just wanted to say thanks for uploading this. Just added my make to the list. I am an aerospace engineer working on Orion, and it will be displayed at my desk at work.

I have started with the 3D-Printing......wow......
This is a beautiful module for the "Orion-expedition".....
Thank you Terefenko and smilow for making this........wonderful !
(the 'educational' (or other) stand is not yet on line , i think....)

This is awesome, i am an aerospace engineering student and i love it.
I am printing it at the moment and i got a few questions.
In the instructions it says there should be a OrionCapsule-DockingClam which i couldnt find in the files either in the assemly picture. It says also you have to print 1 OrionCapsule-DockingHatches is guess it should be one right? ;)

And would it be possible to get parts which are shown on the "educational stand" like the detailed parts and the splited outside parts?

Keep up the great work!

I will try and upload the educational stand and other detail bits this weekend. Good catch on the Assembly Doc. Yes, that 16, should be 1. Must have been a cut/paste over site. I will fix it at some point.

Great! Thank you very much for this awesome model. I will finish printing in tommorow and i already startet priming and sanding. I will upload pictures in the make section asap.

In fact, I am working on the SM interior detailed parts post right now which will have the interesting bits as well as the "half" shell parts. I will work on the Educational Stand right after that. It will be a separate Thing, so as not to clutter up this "basic" model.


The Service Module detailed interior has been uploaded to SLS - Service Module Interior.

BTW, what resolution are you printing this at?

SLS - Service Module Interior

Great, thanks a lot!

I am printing this at 0.15mm layers. Maybe i go down to 0.05 for the small detail parts. But 0.15mm for me is the standart go to layer height with my prusa. Its quiet fast but still small enough that priming and sanding doesnt take years ;)

I will start printing the detailed SM tonight, the capsule and ICPS parts already finished printing and most of them are already sprayed with some filler primer and some are already sanded. Looking forward to finish this build in the next 1-2 weeks depending on how much time i have to spend at my university ;)

Hi, i got another short question. What did you do to your solarpanels to hold them in place? The joints on mine are lose so that i am able move and fold them. Did you glue them together?

Sadly i wasnt able to finish printing yet. I am looking forward to finish this print today. I will be posting pictures tonight.

The solar panels were designed to be folded, so with the educational version the presenter could have the Service Module enclosed with a 3 panel outer shell and demonstrate the unfolding process.

But to answer your question. Yes, I laid the panels out and applied a drop of super glue to each hinge.
I lift it off immediately and gently lean them sideways against something, so the panels do not get glued to the desk. Which happened to me once.

Are you making a stand for it soon?

I have 2 types of stand which I will be uploading as separate things when I get a chance. From what I can tell, only the Orion Capsule has been made by someone so far.

Awesome, amazing job!!!
Btw, will this be a complete new model (version 2), or is this going to be to update the first version you made?. I mean is the model with the crew capsule, and the other is the model with the ICPS, or is this a complete new full model?
And if this is a complete new model, its in 1/75 scale right??

This is mostly a new model. Some parts are the same, but many (maybe 80%) have either changed or have been added. Sorry, at the time I uploaded the first one, I did not anticipate the response. So I decided to approach it a second time and do it "better" and more complete. I also decided to make a model kit version because I had a number of people asking where they could get one in model kit form or a finished version.

Also, all of the pieces are in this one and scaled the same, so there is no question what size the capsule should be, for example. The version which is being uploaded is the 1/56 scale. If you want the 1/75 scale, just resize each piece down to 75%

In fact, I am going to put a headline in the summary of the previous version indicating that it is now deprecated. Do you think I should just remove it? Since, I would never actually try to build that one from what is there.

Don't remove it, even if its just for "historic" reasons, so you see what was your first version ^^.
Ok, you have answered all my questions thanks so much!
Btw, what could you try to explain to me what is your painting process? I see that you used primer and then the actual paint, but if you could tell me a "precise" process to finish these amazing pieces, I would apreciate that a lot!

More absolutely fantastic work!! Thank you VERY much!

Thanks a lot John. Also, thanks for the tip on the previous upload! Contributions like yours will help fund the new rover model.

BTW, I plan on offering this model in kit form on ETSY for those without printers or who don't want spend the time printing it at a .2 mm resolution.

You bet. I like to contribute to work of this caliber. I was just thinking that you should sell your models (everyone else please be civil to me for saying that!). This work is really to that level. You are one of the best engineering designers I have seen in the 3D printing domain. Keep up the amazing work!

Funny you should suggest the selling of the model. I actually plan on doing that. Not everyone has access to a 3D printer or the time/patience to print and finish all the parts. I know I started this because I was looking for bookcase models like these. Yes, there are SLS rockets and the Orion Capsule out there for purchase, but those seemed like less exciting visuals to me. Additionally, I have seen models ripped from Thingiverse and sold on ETSY or Ebay without the creators involvement. I know, because my step daughter got me a 3D printed Game Of Thrones cellphone holder for x-mas. I went on Thinigiverse and found the same one with the creator lamenting that this was happening.

You can see the rough beginning of a shop for these at NASAModels. I still need to do a lot of work to improve the listing and site. But thought I would get that started.

Thanks! Its a bit of a pain getting the last 2% done but I am determined to do it before I move on. The biggest issue for me is not having some detailed info on some of this stuff. Right now it amounts to holding a caliper up to images I find online to guess at relative proportions. What is "artist rendition" and what is reality? Sometimes its difficult to tell, even down to the colors.

My plan is to contact someone in the NASA educational outreach area to see if I can get some better details. Also, maybe a better look at the details of the mars rovers. The ones at Kennedy (KSC) are poor renditions.

Have you tried this email?