Minas Tirith

by clavenmoo Jan 25, 2018
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You user white filament or transparent?

Thank you

It’s white PLA, thank you.

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can a monoprice mini v2 print this?

Of course you can, just check it before you print in your slicer.

I have an issue with Cura really murdering the details here on 100% scale. Can anyone suggest how I change this?

It won’t lost detail, just give a try on it. Some of them go for 125-150% and it looks nice too.

How big is the model (cm)?

Hmmm... if you are lazy to download it and check it out from your slicer, well....

I made a video of this print, it came out really good (the print not the video.....well I think the video is decent)


Awsome Job I can say that looks cool!

Thanks! Print it and share it, I’ll include yours share photo to my album.

printing this now at 150% scale, green glow in the dark PLA. will the light base upscale okay to 150%

how did the scaling work out? Did the light get through? I thinking I may stretch the limits of my cr-10s5

Sound great! Happy printing~

Just think about spending this much time on something, and forgetting to put the damn tree on top. Cmon man

Minas Morgul next maybe please?

Hi, what wall thickness do you suggest?

If I say I was go for 2 I think you wont believe that, is better that you go for 3-4 line.

What was layer height for this print? 0,1 mm height gives 1d 22h; 0,15 mm 1d 4h; 0,2mm 22h. There is huge difference???

I'm using 0.2mm layer height and upscale 150%.

Thanks, I will try that.

Sorry, but could you send me a picture which shows how you arranged the light inside it??

Thanks in Advance.

Comments deleted.

What kind of lighting did you use?

I will use any LED type that power by USB port.

really low poly when I printed it- how did you get it to be so perfect when you printed it?

Someone out there is going to print it in upscale 200% its look good too.

This looks awesome, what material/color did you use? infil %?

Its just a normal white PLA, and the infill for this is 10%.

Thank you, one more question, any supports? Because when I have sliced it, some layers don't seem to be printable without support/infill.

impossible... no support need, but infill is 10% for it.

Okay, many thanks :) I must have misread you first reply, since I thought you wrote 0% infill there.. Thank you once more :)

No worry my friend, wish you have a nice print and wish you have a nice day

Hey, Great model! Which software did you use to make this please?

The original scan is from the creator, and I was using fusion 360 and the tinkercad to remix it.

This is a great piece! Thanks for posting it here.

Don't be discouraged by random people on the internet whining because you put your mark on something you uploaded. Anyone who complains about something so reasonable is probably not satisfied with much of anything.

I have a CR-10, too, so someday I think I'll give this a shot!

really. The email adress sucks.

Show some respect, NusserS.
Otherwise I'd advise you to create it yourself.

nice email address on the back!!!!!!!! makes the print even better