Chicken prosthesis

by Rafter Jan 25, 2018
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This is a great design. Does anyone know how I could get it modified to be a lot smaller? I have a crow with a missing foot. A prosthetic foot would improve her life no end.

Ive just printed this out to help a chicken i have but it seems really small. please can you tell me what breed of chicken was this designed for, thank you

How do you attach it to the chicken?

This is a great idea thanks.
There is a growing trend to have chickens in all urban and cities areas.
For eggs, meat, pets and insect/weed control.
Giving a chicken the chance have quality of life for a longer time gets to be worth the effort.

Great idea!! I love it

what happened to the leg?

I'd argue that if the leg was the only thing that an otherwise healthy bird had wrong (and it were kept free of infection) and the bird is for egg laying, then this would allow that bird to continue living healthily and laying eggs.

sorry about that comment my brother got on my account and he worked a year at a chicken processing plant and now has a hate for chickens, I would agree with you.

Why ? When you can save them and make their life better ?

Probably because they will be made into soup anyway, on the other hand that leg is like 30 cents in material + costs of bolts, and if that helps that chicken why not do that, even one or two more days of happier life is always good.

А если сделать протез ноги для свиньи, то можно окорок заранее получать !! :( или даже четыре!

Hy vie uzhe peregibaete palku muzhiki.

И скормить свинье холодец из её ног.