Jeep Wrangler JKU Center Dash Phone Holder

by chitwoob Jan 25, 2018
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Love this, especially the addition of the wireless charging pad. Question: can you explain or provide pictures for how you handled the USB cabling for power? Did you just drape it down the front of the console, or is there a convenient channel for it?

My plan was to take apart the console and hide the wires, but when I put it up I noticed that the wire came straight down to the charging port. It didn't get in the way and it and I didn't mind the wires too much so I left it as is.

Interesting... I will let you know what I am find out. A new stereo & camera setup is on my list of soon to haves, maybe I can talk the installer into hiding my cable for me. or redirecting a plug to the top of the dashboard for it.

what was this designed in? any chance you would upload the original so I can make some adjustments to it?
It doesnt quite fit my Galaxy S7.

I made it in fusion360. I don't mind uploading the design files. Do you know what format would work best? It has export options for .f3d, .igs, .smt and .stp.

.f3d would be great and thank you!

The files have been uploaded. Good luck with your design :)

I'd really like to try this but I have an S7 edge with a case - that's about 8mm longer than the S7. Do you think the holder would fit if the arms were spaced out another 4mm on each side? Wondering if the tray on the Jeep is wide enough or if I'd have to reconfigure how the arms are positioned. Nice model!

I designed it to fit my Speck case. Assuming you have a similar sized case you should be fine. I can add a few mm to the model if you need more space.

It fits the phone great! I like it. However, it doesn't fit the wireless charger you linked. The hole in the part is close to 2.5" and the charger looks like it closer to 3.5" across. Any chance the charger changed? Or did you modify the charger at all? I might look around and see if I can find a smaller charger. Thanks again!

Oh, that's an edge in the picture? Just saw your description that said S7, that's great though. I'll give it a shot! Thanks a lot.

Did you have to force it at all to fit? It looks like I have the same model of jeep, even the radio and it won't fit both to the top dish thing or the slot above the radio.

It does need to flex during installation. It snaps into place. I wanted the phone to fix securely. I install it by inserting the slots above the radio first and stretching the bracket into the top of the dashboard. It's a tight fit.