Extruder Cover and Knob Remix / Re-Package

by SuperSport1966 Jan 25, 2018
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Does this work with the Ender 3?

I'm not really sure. I don't have one to try it on. I did hear at one point that when the CR-10 was upgraded to the all black extruder, that this did not fit well anymore. I would assume the Ender is using this new extruder too, but I'm not sure. It's a fairly quick print if you want to try it, then I'll update the description with a Yes or No. If you don't want to waste the time, no problem. I believe it was only the Cap that had an issue, but the knob worked fine.

bonjour est ce que c'est compatible sur une cr10s que je viens d'acheter il y a 1mois

Honnêtement, je ne sais pas avec certitude. Selon certaines informations, des modifications ont été apportées à certaines des imprimantes les plus récentes. C'est un petit fichier à imprimer, il ne faut donc pas trop de temps ou de matériel pour l'essayer. Si vous le faites, faites-le nous savoir afin que les futurs lecteurs le sachent. Je vous remercie!

Odd this doesn't fit my CR-10...They must have designed a different Extruder part... I think I may be able to dremmel the spring pinch clip and shorten the cable holder. We'll see. Beware if you have a newer CR-10 with the black extruder.

Uh oh! That’s a bummer! I didn’t realize they made a dimension change on the newer ones. Please let us know if you were able to make it work, and what you had to do. Photos would be helpful if you are interested.

Thanks for the comment. It may save others from a wasted print.

See, you posted it and 18 minutes later you got a "Like" LOL!

Well done! I was planning on doing my own remix, I have a Monoprice Select (i3 Clone) that I modded to a Bowden setup that had a knob to help extrude and I was missing it on my CR-10S, this is perfect!!

How easily does it all come off? I like that right now I can blast the extruder gear with canned air (or small brush) to clean.

BTW - you need to update your profile, you have only your Monoprice listed. :-) You & I are following the same road ... MP v2 then CR-10 (mines the 10S).

Off topic - my brother had a '69 SS 396, ported, polished, you know (he was a certified line mechanic). Only thing he couldn't beat was a 442. Horsepower will out. Oh, and a VW Bug. Great story I'll PM you it if you like.


That was VERY fast! Thanks for the comment.

It comes off by pulling up. I've had my cover on for about a year now and when I open it, It's clean inside still. I guess I don't have skipping on the gear much, or that would be different.

Another benefit of the Cover is that you install a small piece of Bowden Tube into the opening and that helps to lead the filament into the correct position on the gear. I can also print Flexible Filament with no bunching issues with this cover since it leads the filament so close to the gear.

I will update my profile, thanks for the catch there. I actually never got the Monoprice. I ordered it, but the shipping company lost it, so I ordered the CR-10 instead. I LOVE the CR-10, very happy I went that direction.

That's my Dream Car! My name is actually from my CB handle back in the day. I was SuperSport on CB Radio and 1966 is the year I was born. I believe even back then though, I got the SS handle from the car since I've been in love with it even as a kid. Some day I will have to find one to bury myself in.

PS: I did NOT design either of these items. I simply cut the hole larger in the Cover and packaged them up as a set.