Tevo Y-Carriage (I-Beam Style)

by jfaurbo Jan 25, 2018
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Can I use in 90 degres for a 2040 on a CR-10?

I'm not sure, I'm sorry let me know the dimensions and I'll check. I'll also post a dimensions diagram.

Hi. Just finished reassembling and testing(with the infamous cube) the printer with this support. It seems to fit perfectly and with 0 issues.

I use a 0.3mm nozzle on my Tarantula and I printed it with this settings:

Layer Height: 0.15
Infill: 25% Honeycomb
Material: PLA - I will watch it in the next couple of prints for warping, but I don't tend to heat the bed too much when printing and I added a configuration to turn off the bed after the 14th layer which worked well before the original carriage cracked. I also used the non support top plate to give me extra air room between the bed and the support.
Printed with a 4 layer raft to ease the removal of the print with an exacto knife)

I am very pleased with this print atm. If I don't forget I will try to give an update about the possible warping after some complex prints.

Thanks. Glad it works for you. I Would Love to see it. Could you submit a make to show me the finished product?

Next time I remove the bed I will take pictures and submit them.

Overall I am very pleased with it after basically printing with it nonstop with only a couple of hours of rest for the poor printer. I've had no issues popping up in this time.

Not much of an I beam to me ! Anyway, wrong design with the wrong material.
OK, the original is far worse.

Material is your choice. I could see it printed in PLA or ABS (though I would worry about warping)... As for design. You are right not a traditional I-beam. But what were you looking for in the design? Any suggestions for improvements.

A totally different approach using 3 points, 3 bearings (a plane is 3 points) taking into account thermal expansion and all metal profile ...

I Can provide Fusion 360 files if you would like to use mine as a starter?

What for ? I can design my own stuff. Besides, no way I would use 3D printing for such a part and furthemore what I have in mind would depart totally from this "squashed frog" approach. Think out of the box !

Be our guest and do it. We look forward for your complete new design.

Nice work. What are your toghts on printing It with PLA?

Had that question from some others on the facebook group. It will still be great. Material characteristics will be slightly different but should still be really stiff. The only caution is if you plan on using a build chamber, it might deform and then you have other issues. I would also put another heat separated washer (same right below the heated bed) between the spring and the Y-Carriage.

Hope it works for. Make sure to read the print settings before printing.

TKS a Lot.
Thats what I thougth you would say. Congrats on your design.

It is on my print list.