Xiaomi mijia M365 Panel Cover

by Jezu88 Jan 25, 2018
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How insert power and Mi logo in panel? Icons are bigger than its holes in panel.

Hello everyone!
I added a aditional screen at the top pf the panel.
I cant edit the STL file to get fitting with my panel...

i dont know if you can upload the solidworks file or whathever file where you did the model
Anyway, thank you for the model!

how did you manage to insert the logo and the power button?

hello, what do you have to print first? Is not it necessary to lift the piece for the intercavity of colors?

You put it out as a non commercial, no idea if those guys have right to sell them but seems someone is stealing money from you:

oh... next one.. thank you guy ;)

hope you will get your fare share :D That guy in the comment is saying you already reached to him and he wants to compensate you for your work.

thanks for being vigilant :-) everything is ok, I hope the cover will work great ;-)

Hey guys, If you want a smooth surface, watch the Movie



Enjoy ;)

Printed in PLA and it fits perfectly. The diodes are hardly visible through the PLA (I used black). How come your are so well visible?

Mine too is hardly visible even at night. During the daytime, diodes are completely invisible.

Comments deleted.

How did you print it so glossy? Did you polish it afterwards?

glass with vinegar, no dimafix, glue, only clean glass ;)

You just wipe some vinegar on your glass bed and the surface turns out that way? Nothing else?

yup, Nothing else ;)

Can you please share a link for purchase?


Link to purchase a vinegar? It's ordinary, edible, spirit vinegar. You can buy it in any grocery store. You just need to apply it on your glass table, using for example a cotton swab.

I got you now.

I Thought you are applying liquid glass or something on top of the model once it is finished.


I have printed in ABS, and it is too small, I cant put it on.

It Fixs perfectly

No. It does not. It needs to be 2mm longer

Check your setings. I used PLA, Prusa i3, repetier. And it fixed.

Is this flex or ABS?

Maybe in pla it's ok, in ABS it was wrong size. Don't know why

because ABS has a material contraction of 3-5%, preferably print with PLA or rubber.

Oh, now I see

Is it better in pla ou Flex?thanks

In pla it is ok. You can use the button.