Lithophane Frame Curved

by DR82 Jan 25, 2018
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Amazing thing! Thank you for the design! But, I'm not sure what's the purpose of this stopper at the bottom.

Hi. When I've made my stl file, the dimensions I'm getting in Cura are: 54.81, 13.33, 100.25 (x/y/z), which are different than the dimensions listed in your details.

Would this have to do with the size of the actual image? (screenshot from my phone and emailed to myself). Or are there settings that need to be changed on the website when slicing? Just would like to know because the size/shape of my print doesn't look like the shape in your photos.

Attached is the stl file

P.S. Would adjusting the photo's aspect ratio make a difference? (to a 4:3), which is denoted on the base of one of your stl files.

Nevermind, I think I figured it out by digging deeper in the comments section. I ended up making a photo a square and the stl file it creates are nearly identical to the dimensions you've listed (+0.25 mm), however, the x and y dimensions are flipped from what you had listed (which I don't think will be a problem.

Looking forward to printing this out and seeing if it works!

Are we allowed to use this for commercial use, as it is marked as being usable for commercial use on the actual item but in one of the 3d model previews it says non commercial use engraved into the base plate

so i would like to clarify before downloading and using etc

Yes you can use use it for commercial purposes. I uploaded the wrong one here, I'll change it when I get a chance.

If I scale it up 10 % will it fit a 110 mm lithophane?

Yes, all the proportions are simply linear, so increase everything by 10%, and when you print the lithophane increase the frame width from 3mm to at least 3.2mm or even 3.3mm to avoid having too much empty space in the frame

How do I scale this model?

Scaling is not recommended because the assumption is that the lithophane has a frame that's 3mm thick. So when the entire object is scaled, one must also scale the lithophane frame accordingly. A little is ok, but it probably won't work if the scale factor is significantly different.

This looks great! I am printing the frame for 2 pictures.
Where do you locate the LEDs in that configuration?
Thanks for your efforts.

Usually one strip of 6 LEDs on the floor facing up toward the lid is good enough. Sometimes if I need more light I put one strip on the floor and one on the lid. But I also tried once putting one strip of 3 LEDs vertically on the left side and one on the right side and it looked good too.

Hello good afternoon. could you put photo of the settings? I would be very grateful thank you

I am using the settings in this picture for Anet A8, but I don't think they are the best. You might want to try and find better settings.

I have printed this and a 100mm lithophane and it works great! Now it's time to go big. If I print this at 200% will it fit a 200mm lithophane?

Yes since everything is doubled, but keep in mind that in this case the lithophane frame also needs to be doubled. You may not want to change the thickness of the litho itself because it probably won't look good being so thick, but frame should be increased from 3mm to 6mm (or at least 5.5mm) in order to fit inside a larger groove. If the printer prints accurately, it should work, if not you may need to make very small adjustments.

Could you post a link to where you got the switches and other parts from?

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Hi, for the 4:3 frame, is a picture size of 94,09 / 21,61 / 76,40 okay? It'd be great if you could add the dimensions of the picture for this frame to the description, too :)

The exact measurements are not very important because the exact size of the finished print depends on the slicer software used. But in theory, the height should be 75 mm or maybe a little higher. 76.40 mm might be just a bit too big but it will probably work.

I have a lithophane, also 3 mm thick, but it's rectangular. The width is 102mm and the height 150. I can print your design upright and change the height (Z) in Cura. But will it be wide enough? What do you think? I really like your design so I hope I can use it...

I don't think it will work. What is the size (pixels or inches or mm) of your picture from which you are making a lithophane? Maybe I can introduce a new size. I am planning on adding a design for pictures with 4:3 aspect ratio. It sounds like your picture might be 2:3 ratio.

Hey, might be silly, but what curve value are you using?

I use the default (0) value. After trying different curve values, I noticed that the default value of 0 produces the same result as a value of 90. This means that if you print 4 lithophanes like this and put them all side by side in a circle, they will form a complete, closed circle.

I followed all the instructions on image settings in http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/ but my stl file size is different its ( 93.9 x 21.6 x 67 mm) how come its different from your scaling. I have printed all and the image size is small however it fits in the Litho1picCurved.stl but its small in height. Let me know where i am wrong.

This is because the original picture used is not square. I am going to add a new design for models based on pictures that have an aspect ratio of 4:3 instead of 1:1 but I have not had a lot of free time to do it yet, it will be soon. Cropping the picture to make it square can be done with any image editing software like Windows Paint or Photoshop etc. For example if your picture is 1200 x 900 pixels it is a 4 to 3 aspect ratio. So you can crop it with your software and make it 900 x 900 for example. Then the printed model will fit inside the frame fully. If you use the 3dp.rocks program with a 1200x900 picture and set maximum size to 100 mm, then it will make the longer side of the picture equal to 100 mm and the shorter side will be proportionally shorter, so 75 mm.

Thanks, That worked with image being (900 x 900) . Looks great after print.

how do i use the lithophane program

Here is a link to a short, but good tutorial. I hope this helps. Also with my current version, it is necessary that the pictures be of square shape. If a photo is not square it needs to be cropped first. It can be done in any photo editing software like Paint, Photoshop etc.

the image printed in your photo is made of outer curve or inner curve?

It is done with outer curve

"When the model is curved then the STL object will have the size of X=21.6mm, Y=94.0mm, Z=100mm"
Not mine I get X=94.47mm, Y=21.69mm, Z=75.25mm
Not sure why mine is different.

I think it depends on the slicer software used. They each have their own ways of rendering the final result so there might be some minor differences too.

I had been looking for a while, to convert a picture to 3d. super happy, thanks for sharing

Why non-commercial ?

Do you have a similar design for a 4:3 aspect ratio picture?

Right now I don't have it, but I can add it in a few days.

Bellissimo , complimenti