Where the Sidewalk Ends

by Mag-net Jan 26, 2018
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grabs chest ack! right in the childhood! bravo

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Based on my current print settings it will take 1 day to print the base part. Am printing in ABS-- if anyone else printed the base in ABS can you share settings that worked ok and did it take as long? I think because I have general print speed of 50mm/s and outer wall of 15mm/s is why (actually it's the 0.15mm layers). Just that has worked to make nice prints. I guess I could try it faster to see if looks ok then go for slow again if looks terrible.

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Any chance of getting a file of boy under 25 MB? I used tinkercad to join the 2 halves of the girl and printed them as one piece with PVA support. Problem is that tinkercad only supports up to 25 MB, and the boy is 27 Mb.


File updated. It was saved as ASCII... should have saved it as Binary. Much smaller file size. Have fun!

Thank you! I have them printing right now. When I did them as halves, they warped and didn't look good glued.

Merging them in tinkercad and printing them with PVA support worked really well.

Could you post the merged files please ?

What type of paint would be best to use on PLA?

Acrylic paint works well. Use Rust-Oleum filler and sandable primer as the base coat if you're trying to make the South as butter look.

I use Acrylic paint on PLA. I usually prime/sand it first with something like Rust-Oleum Filler Primer.

What software did you use to make this? I use Autodesk inventor proffessional, and i couldnt even dream of making something like this

Incredible model. My hat is off to you.

Do you print it separately in different parts?

It’s been a while since a featured thing made me grin so widely. Congrats.

olala magnifique :)
merci de partager <3

My pleasure!

Hi thx for creating this
Is there a chance you upload the base in one piece? I have a hard time glueing them together as there is almost no surface for glue

Very cool. Good looking prints.

My grandma used to read to my brother and I from Where The Sidewalk Ends when we'd visit her as kids. I'm going to add a stand to this and give one for her. Thanks for the hard work!

Sounds like a great idea and you're welcome!

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I printed the two base pieces and don't get how they are supposed to connect. I do however have a large format printer and was wondering if there was an STL file that had the full base as one print instead of two.

Any chance you figured out how to connect them? I'm having the same issue.

I'm having a terrible time printing the dog and the sign. any tips?

Awesome print! Very cool

Very well done, this is really a work of art. great job!

Never heard of the author before - great poem and fantastic print.

This is amazing! Do you mind sharing what tools you used to make it?

I never comment but this is just sooooo Cool....
Thanks very much for sharing

Now I need to print one, or two or....

Thank you:)

This is fantastic, well done and then some!

I want to fill my kids classrooms and libraries with these. It’s amazing, and kudos for doing something that will inspire children

That is really exceptional! Both in terms of creating something incredibly cute and endearing. But also in terms of excellent preparation for ideal printing on FFF printers. Kudos!

Would it be possible to get the parent 3d files? I would like to remix this for an SLA printer.

I've uploaded the complete model. Everything should be one shell. I did a lot of post work on this file so some differences are to be expected.

What should this be good for?
It's even not decorative or necessary.

Because everything that is 3D printed is either decorative or necessary right?

Looks like a good decorative piece for my daughter's room, especially with some paint.

What good is your comment for? It's neither positive or helpful.

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It's in the eye of the beholder. I think this piece is a nice interpretation of the poem by Silverstein.

Art? maybe :)

What's your day job because it should be this.

Very kind of you to say.

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There are very few designs that take my breath away, but this is one. I'm printing it right now. I'll be following you from now on with interest. I have a feeling you'll be coming up with some more fantastic designs if this is any indication. Thanks!

This is very cool! Well done!

It looks amazing!
I will print it as big as I can


Didn't have to read the descriptions or anything, I recognized this right away.. where the sidewalk ends, a light in the attic, the giving tree, the missing piece.. these were the books of my childhood.

Grazie per averlo condiviso.
ciao Mag

Semplicemente geniale la tua opera.

Printing this right now. Got everything except the base on one plate. Will do the base overnight very soon. Ill try to post an update asap.

I look forward to seeing the photos!!!

So it didnt go as well as I had hoped, but im not too upset considering its got a lot of detail and Im new to the hobby. I think using the wood PLA was a mistake. Its really brittle. The 'Edge" broke when I was getting it off the brim, and I lost a dog's leg and a girl's arm in the process as well. I wanted it to look like a little wood carving, but I think Ill have to print in regular PLA and paint it instead. The city printed great. Ill take some pics and upload them as soon as I get the chance.

I have had more problems with wood pla than I care to admit. I don't think it's a perfect material, but if you manage to get it working it makes some cool parts

I have the same problem with wood PLA! I've got a roll that I almost never use. Hope you have better luck with regular PLA!

So heres the city before cleanup. I actually like this as a standalone piece. The photo really doesnt do it justice. :)

When I do the print in plain white, Maybe Ill show it off. lol.

Love it, thanks for sharing ;)

That is just wonderful!

Wonderful stuff here. Thank you so much for sharing your art.

This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

F... like FANTASTIC !!!

what else? you're an artist, no way!

I'll try to print it ASAP

Compliments from ;-Dan, Italy.

I'm going to print this and hang it on a wall about 5' from the floor so every time I pass it I can think "Oh heck, it's up to my neck!"

What an amazing piece!

Shared on Twitter, you awesome artist!

That's awesome you got featured. All your work rocks!

I'm thinking of making this for my mom for mothers day! Thank you!!

Very Awesome design. Truly shows what beautiful art 3d printers can make. Thank you. Be proud.

This is fantastic :)

This is beautiful and amazing. I cannot wait to make it!

Thank you and thank you.

Oh....and PLEASE make some more from some of his other work, and even from other well known / loved authors!

I also wanted to add, that I really hope you can somehow make contact with Mr. Silverstein & send him a copy! I think that would be so neat.

My pleasure. I was originally going to make "The Giving Tree" and still may if I can figure out a good format.

I'm sorry to say that Mr. Silverstein has passed away, but he did make an indelible mark on our lives.

Thank you!

That was actually a typo...it was supposed to say " Mr. Silverstein's FAMILY..."

I will continue to watch for the giving tree :) Good luck! (I would help you, but TRUST me, when I say my help would be completely useless & you would (quickly) just ask me to "leave & don't worry about coming back," just like my computer teachers did when I was in school, lol!!)

Words CANNOT express how awesome this is. I saw it & my jaw dropped. Nicely done. I had planned on my next project being something practical / useful, but who needs that, when you can have Shel Silverstein memories in 3D?? I am very tempted to make one for my brothers and my parents as well. I have loved his work Since I was quite a young age, & have very much enjoyed exploring his work with my kids. Thank you so very much for a) creating this & b) for sharing it :)
You just made my day!

Wow, an awesome piece of work.
Thanks so much for creating this, I'm old and grey now but I'm planning a trip back to the edge of the sidewalk.

this is going in my OMG folder!

Very nice

I am 40+ years old and I still love reading these books! Awesome work, dude!

What awesome work!
Thanks for all your effort.

Thanks for the kind words.

very nice designed!

Glad you like!

That's so cool! I still remember the one I had to memorize in the 4th grade, 33 years ago!

Such a great book for kids. :D