Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Credit Card Cutlery

by emikayee Jan 26, 2018
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Hello ,nice job.
Is it possible to have fork , knife and spoon in just one design ?

Can i use your desing in my Online Shop
i want to prit it out and sell that
sorry for my bad english i'm from Austria.
LG Felix Wallnöfer

if you want money you can have 5% of the selling Price per pice we sell. You don't have to print or do anything i can give you the money per Paypal or a coupon.

Given it's been licences with Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license, I would say no

Would it be possible to make them re-usable? And for example re-assemble them back into the card layout? Otherwise you need to remember to print a new one after each use - to always have one spare...

EDIT: I need to revise my statement after reading this: https://pinshape.com/blog/3d-printing-food-safe/ (also mentioned in below comments)

Have one spare - throw away after use - print new one :)

Humble request for a knife/spork combo, if possible! Great otherwise!

The spork is in!!

I think I finally have a design I'm happy with... As soon as I get a chance to do a test print I will release it!
Here's a quick screen shot :)

Awesome! Can't wait :D

impo, i like v2 the best. the spoon is the ultimate utensil.

I was wondering when someone would bring that up!
V3 with a fork/spoon will be up over the weekend!!

What about making it a combo fork/spoon with fork on one end spoon on the other for v3?

V3-Spoon/fork is up!
I'm in the middle of rebuilding my printer, so this version is untested... If you print it, PLEASE let me know how it goes!

Just a general comment. ABS is rarely considered food safe, PLA / PETG are generally considered food safe but a lot of time there are fillers so they print better on 3D printers which who really knows if those are food safe. To make it food safe enough to sell is super hard. I personally wouldn't hesitate to eat from these using PLA or PETG but rarely (not every day) and one time use only per print.

Couple of good articles below:

Thank you for the links, there were some good points there!
I've changed the description to let people know not to use ABS.

I like the idea, but if you could implement a spork, I think it would be even better.

I've finally made that spork :)

Yay! It looks kind of cute actually.

I've played around with this idea, but at .125" thick, it wouldn't be such a good spoon.
I may add what I came up with just in case anyone wants to try it though... We'll see.

What a great little idea man, printed easy, gonna give them a try next lunch!

Let me know how they work out!
Don’t forget to post pics :)

this is a great idea make more usefull things like this it looks good

Hey, thank you!
I'm still learning how to design, but I'm having fun. I totally plan on making more useful stuff in the future!!