Trump Stamp!

by Jay_Omega Jan 27, 2018
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That's pretty funny.

Hard plastic stamps suck, but I've have some success with them, but in a slightly different shape. It helps to give it a slight curve so you sort of roll it on like you've seen them do fingerprints. It also helps to print vertically (so that the text is on the side of the print) because the layer lines can hold more ink. You're less hobbled by your nozzle diameter in how fine of details you can print this way too.

Having said that, this seems like quite a bit of work just to "trigger" someone. I'm not even sure what that accomplishes, but to each their own!

Thanks for the info, I might have to try making a curved stamp.

Partly for fun, partly for getting a reaction.
Uploaded a year and a half ago and still getting comments. ;)

This is illegal under federal law 18 USC 333

Not entirely true; 18 USC 333 Reads:

"Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both."

At face value, this stamp itself does not render a bill to be unfit to be reissued nor is the intent of this stamp to render the bill unfit to be reissued. The stamp would need to obscure the serial numbers to a point where they were no longer machine readable and/or comprise a 40mm/sq or larger area.

I had a similar question years ago with those "Where's George" stamps that allowed you to track a bill over time and where it went as long as people went to to the website to register the bill when they came across one.


Lol the stamp is funny tho I just thought I should put it out there that you shouldn’t be doing this.

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I don't think I can print tpu with my ender 3.....but I just had to come and comment, that this. is. GOLD!!!
Kudos to you!

They say the same thing about my Tevo Tarantula. Not sure how your feed system works, but... I printed a modified arm for my extruder that sits damn near right on top of the feed gear, so that the filament has no where to go but up the bowden tube; disabled retraction; and then turned the speed down to 10-20mm/sec and it printed with no trouble. You never know until you try :)

Nice, i'll have to try that!

It might work printed in PLA. Put something soft under the bill when you stamp.

Aw you deleted your comment!

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This thing is awesome, great idea! (evil conservative speaking btw >:D). Make America Great Again!

I especially get a kick when someone says I'm going to jail for defacing money.


It is illegal, but nobody enforced it for hundreds of years.


Luckily it’s only illegal if it’s used to change the value of the money. This’ll just make some libs mad

I think the law says if it can still be used, it's OK.

There is some really amazing "artwork" that people have draw on dollar bills.

Yeah, I've seen someone engrave Donald Trump's head on a penny once. It looked really (emphasis) great. (with finger circle things)

One day I'll be using it on a picture of a prison cell.

Im impressed with the clarity of your text. did you use a smaller nozzle or a special font? I've tried making stamps of my own and they wont slice.

I used a regular 0.4 mm nozzle.

When I designed the stamp, I had to go between Fusion 360 and Cura a couple of times because as you said it didn't slice.

The letters were sometimes too thin, and the slicer ignored them. I made the text bold, and increased the font size until the lines making up the letters were at least 0.5 mm thick.

One other thing that seemed to help was printing on a PEI sheet. It made the stamp surface super smooth.

I bought some smaller (and larger) nozzles. Someday I'll get around to trying them out!

I'm an EVIL Red Republican since Nixon. Printed it with ABS base and TPU top (top 15 layers because my ink wouldn't stick to the ABS. I've tried sanding it down but cannot get enough ink to stay on the stamp. Wonderful idea and Thanks for the MAGA stamp as well. Any ideas on this? I increased Z by 2X to get it a little more solid. Currently printing one out of 100% Red Translucent TPU so hopefully it will allow me to press it better on the "paper". Thanks a LOT....Tip coming.

Hmm that's a problem. Sanding should have roughened up the surface so it held ink. I would have expected the ABS to work too if you use a soft surface under the $20 bill.

I printed mine face down on the build plate (I use PEI/Glass) so it was real smooth. I had to pick out the support material but it isn't bad. Like before, sanding should have roughed up the surface. Maybe a different ink pad? This stamp making is harder than I thought.

Let me know if it still doesn't work. I bet we can figure it out.

Unless that Blue Wave washes us away....
That's about all I can suggest.