The Glaucus: A soft robot quadruped

by gianteye Mar 24, 2014
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It seems the luer fittings that you linked are out of stock on Amazon. Are there any other types/substitutes that I can use?

I've updated the thing to include STL's that define the body, internal, and combined geometry from the silicone bot. I'm eager to see what you can make using them.

Thanks you so much!

I think the ones I'm using are 3/16" hose barb x male Luer Lock fasteners. You can find some here http://www.amazon.com/Hose-Barb-Male-Luer-Lock/dp/B00CHOBE7A/ref=sr_1_1?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1421183169&sr=1-1&keywords=3%2F16+luer+lock&pebp=1421183172330&peasin=B00CHOBE7A

They come in most luer assortments you can buy, but sourcing just those components in small volumes can be a pain.

Interested to see someone print this with ninjaflex or similar. I like the idea of the prosthetic pain supporters tho, that looks like a good idea, your robot however, no I don't think that's something I would classify as a robot. An automated inflating balloon perhaps? :)

Are you the narrator from the Stanley Parable?!?!?!

Actually, the narrator is a guy from the BBC - Mark Ryes http://t.co/uxaLm3pO0Ehttp://t.co/uxaLm3pO0E

Don't think he did the Stanley Parable, tho.

I swear it sounds just like him...

Great to see these files up Matthew. We managed to repair the broken robotyou gave us and it is awesome. I just downloaded all your files to make our own. Almost 40 hours worth of printing later we should be ready to roll or should I say walk! LOL!

Thanks again for letting us visit and see your soft robot in action.

Excellent! I'm excited to see how the process goes. You'll likely be the first people to replicate this outside of my lab. If you want to clip the walls off the files it should reduce the print time by a huge margin. Me, I'm happy to let the machines do the work so I can line up molds later.

Be sure to ping me when you start casting that thing.

Great use of 3D printing.. solving problems.. This is on my list of projects to learn

Well, this just made my day. Super Releaser is now my go-to bunch of imaginary drinking buddies.